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Will and Grace Season 11 release date, latest news, trailer and posters

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Will and Grace Season 11

“Will and Grace” is a witty, multi-part comedy from directors David Kohan and Max Mutchnick in Sitcom format. For the past 10 seasons, it makes us happy with its storyline. Probably a lot of us don’t even know that the first episode of the series “Will and Grace” was released in 1998. During this time, the series has gained a huge audience, high ratings and positive reviews. And this is not surprising, because this series has caught the fancy of a multimillion audience for the sparkling jokes and hilarious situations played in each of the episodes.

Today, we can see the storyline of season 10. But the directors and authors of the project did not keep silence and announced that Will and Grace Season 11 will be shown in 2019.

When is the release date of Will and Grace Season 11? What is the latest news about Will and Grace Season 11?

At the moment, it is known that season 11 is scheduled and filming is about to begin. It is expected that the first episode of season 11 will be shown at the end of September 2019. The cast will be unchanged.

Without a doubt, the new season will be as funny, exciting and interesting as the previous ones. The humorous company of friends Will Truman, Grace Adler, Karen Walker and Jack McFarland will delight us with new jokes and funny situations.


Will and Grace Season 11 storylineWill and Grace are old friends and excellent neighbors, always ready to help in any problem and trouble. Of course, they could have become an excellent couple, understanding each other and harmoniously complementing their different characters and actions. But to become a loving couple they can not be, because Will is homosexual, and Grace – heterosexual.
Yes, they are watching the same movies, they have all the same songs in the playlist, and they have fun together. But once they had vowed not to risk their friendship by attempting to flirt or start relationship. But after another quarrel, Grace leaves her new boyfriend and moves to an apartment with Will. The young man is confident in his choice, considering himself gay – but can he resist quite natural thoughts, living with such a charming and stunning beauty? In the meantime, they get into funny stories, not forgetting about their friends: the assistant – Karen Walker and Jack McFarland – forever unemployed actor.

Question to fans

Do you think Will Truman and Grace Adler will be a couple? Or will they need another 10 years to understand that they love each other?

Will and Grace Season 11 Release Date

Title Release Date
Will and Grace Season 11 The end of September 2019

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Will and Grace Season 11 Trailer

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