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Westworld Season 2

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Westworld Season 2In early October, 2016, the HBO television channel, well-known as the founder of the iconic “Game of Thrones” saga, released a new brainchild – the serial with ten episode “Westworld”. As it was supposed before, the project became a real sensation, taking very good places in the world cinema ratings. And the army of fans just rips the directors and actors with the questions, the main one of which: “Will Westworld Season 2 be?”

Recently, representatives of HBO officially announced that the series Westworld will be extended for the second season. Moreover, as we knew, the shooting of the second season has already begun, and the release date of the first episode is scheduled.

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However, in the Internet, there are many speculations and rumors about the release date of the second season. Very often, you can see information that the second season will be released in the autumn of 2017 – this is not true.

Officially confirmed information from HBO: the release date for Westworld Season 2 is scheduled for the spring of 2018.

It is known that the second season in duration will be equal to the first – 10 episodes. The main actors will be unchanged.

See the official trailer of the series Westworld Season 2 at the end of the article.


Westworld Season 2 release dateBeing an adaptation of the eponymous full-length film, a fantastic series will take us to the near future, where one of the most popular entertainments will be theme parks, realistically recreating quite popular periods in history with the help of special robots completely imitating the appearance and behavior of people of that time.

Realistic androids, which are an integral attribute of such a park, are programmed to perform a wide range of behavioral functions, accompanied by the appropriate emotions. They can imitate everything a visitor wants and fulfill any of his demands, trying to play along with him, even if they are sexual desires or aggression directed at them. The only requirement for visitors is that they will have to change and look like a regular resident of this era. After this, they can do absolutely anything they want, because a reliable security system fully guarantees that no one will suffer, even if somebody arranges a shootout in some bar or cause a duel of something that does not have a good android.

The series will unfold in a park imitating the Wild Westworld, in which something will go wrong at one point, and the android, guided by artificial intelligence, will begin to pose a huge danger to unsuspecting visitors. And at this moment the real heat, action and a bit of hardcore begins.

Westworld Season 2 Release Date

Title Release Date
Westworld Season 2 Spring, 2018

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Westworld Season 2 Trailer

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