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Welcome to the Ballroom Season 2

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Welcome to the Ballroom Season 2

Original title: Ballroom e Youkoso Season 2

On July 9, 2017, another one-year-old novelty in the world of anime was started. Before us is the romantic school anime series “Welcome to the Ballroom” from the studio Production I.G and the director Yoshimi Itazu whose story is based on the original manga.

As a result, we got 24 wonderful episodes filled with comedic and dramatic moments, school topic and romance. In the anime series, we met the main characters: Tatara Fujita, Shizuku Hanaoka and Kiyoharu Hyoudou, fell in love with them and now watch with great interest their lives.

Soon the show will end and leave behind not only pleasant memories, but also questions: “Will Welcome to the Ballroom Season 2 be?”, “What is the release date of Welcome to the Ballroom Season 2?”, “When it will be possible to see Welcome to the Ballroom Season 2 Episode 1?” Well, most of all we will miss the main characters…

However, not everything is so bad. Anime series got good ratings, and the story still has a lot to expand, so we predict that Welcome to the Ballroom Season 2 will be!

But the official decision on the future of the series will be made after the end of the 24th episode.

If the studio Production I.G decides to extend the series, then we expect that the release date of the second season will be the summer of 2018.

In the meantime, we are waiting for official information about the fate of the anime series, tell us, which of the main characters did you like more?


Tatara FujitaEducation in high school was already coming to the end, and Tatara Fujita still had no idea what he wanted to do in this life. And while his classmates were already making plans about which high school to enter, he still vaguely imagined where to go next. So he would spend the rest of the time in thoughts and doubts, but soon one case radically changed his later life.

Once some hoodlums started to bully to Fujita and to extort money from him. It would have ended badly if the man on the motorcycle had not intervened. He was a teacher of ballroom dancing Kaname Sengoku. Mistakenly thinking that Fujita was considering advertising his dance studio, Sengoku dragged the guy into the hall. Fascinated by the passion of the teacher to his work, Fujita decided on a test lesson. Meeting there his classmate Shizuku Hanaoka, he understands that in the dance she becomes a completely different person. Tatara Fujita begins to admire her determination, and this brings him to the world of sports ballroom dancing, full of competition and love of art!

Perhaps the dance is the road that Fujita so looked for in life. Perhaps, it is this hobby that will become his bright future…

P.S. We really hope that Welcome to the Ballroom Season 2 will take place, we would like to see our favorite heroes again and continue this fascinating life story.

Welcome to the Ballroom Season 2 Release Date

Title Release Date
Welcome to the Ballroom Season 2 July 2018

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