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Vikings Season 5

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Vikings Season 5A masterpiece of the historical genre series “Vikings” from the studios World 2000 Entertainment, Take 5 Productions, MGM Television and Irish Film Board, as well as the creator of the project, Michael Hirst, for four seasons, pleases us with its exciting storyline.

The historical television series from the History Channel won popular love and everybody was looking forward to the future part. It’s all about the grandiose and scrupulously worked atmosphere of that gloomy time.

This is a story about the Viking tribes and their great leader Ragnar Lothbrok, who went his glorious way, having made a growth from an ordinary warrior to a king who rules the great people. His wisdom, strength, and spirit helped him to pass this way, which he inherited from the god of war Odin, whose ancestor he was. Vikings were always the bravest and valiant warriors, as for Ragnar, there were legends about him in general. In any battle, he was able to win; it seemed that he was unbeaten.

However, the fourth season turned everything upside down and made millions of fans to start worry. King Ragnar was lost and this moment confused the audience, many of whom asked questions:

Is this the end?

What will happen next?

Will Vikings Season 5 be?

Immediately we want to please all the fans of the series. Yes, we have very good news for you. As we knew from official sources, Vikings Season 5 will be!

The official release date is still kept secret, but we are ready to predict the premiere of Vikings Season 5.

Unofficially, probably the fifth season of the series will begin in February 2018.

Yes, this date is inaccurate and you will be right if you consider it a rumor, but there are some facts, based on which we made your prediction (twitter and facebook actors, directors and media studios).


Vikings and Ragnar LothbrokWith the death of the legendary and permanent leader Ragnar Lothbrok, a whole era of first conquests and stunning victories has gone. He decided to swim across the dangerous waters for the sake of insane discoveries. There were unexpected betrayals from close people and a new love.

The death of Ragnar, should have forced his sons to unite in order to take revenge on the offenders. Of course, each of the heirs will desire revenge, while they will not regret any. However, the death of his father made discord among his heirs. Each of them dreamed of going his own way. According to the idea, the eldest of the sons – Bjorn Lothbrok should take all the will into a fist and become the unbreakable leader of Kattegat.

Bjorn wants to fulfill the dream of the parent and go to the Mediterranean. But such choice will annoy his brothers, choking with envy, seeing the unrestrained aspiration, the brave warrior. After all, many people decided to follow him.

Now among the Viking tribes there are days of turmoil and chaos. Will the great people be able to resist the dormant enemies and keep on the work of the deceased king? Will Bjorn Lothbrok become the real leader, King of Kattegat? You can find answers to these questions in Vikings Season 5!

Stay with us not to miss the latest news from the series.

What is known about the cast?

Michael Hirst, the creator of the series, said that in the fifth part we would see some new characters that will be introduced into the main cast.

What is the fate of Lagertha?

The fate of the Lagertha hasn’t been so clear, there are some rumors of her death in the middle of a new part of the historical drama, but they have not confirmed yet.

Vikings Season 5 Release Date

Title Release Date
Vikings Season 5 February 2018

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Vikings: Season 5 Official Trailer

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