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Trolls Part 2

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Trolls Part 2

Cartoon Trolls is an amazing tale of life in a world of fantastic creatures called “trolls,” about their history and adventures. The cartoon was created by the film company DreamWorks Animation under the scenario of Jonathan Aibel in 2016.You can just imagine all the coolness of the plot, if Jonathan Aibel is a scriptwriter, who gave the world the first three parts of the cartoon “Kung Fu Panda”, and the director is Walt Dorn, who created a masterpiece called “Shrek.”

The first part got a lot of positive reviews, was well estimated by film critics, and box office completely met the expectations of film producers. Millions of kids around the world and till nowadays are watching the cartoon, enjoying the wonderful characters, completely immersing in a fabulous adventure.

Therefore, even now we can say that the second part has to be, but the question is: “When will the release date of the second part come?” Hooray!

Now it is already officially announced the release date of Trolls part 2, the premiere of the second part will be on April 10, 2020.

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Cheerful and carefree trolls all the time make parties, dance and sing. Their main star is Poppy, who never gets sad and always thinks something up. She, like most of her relatives, has got used to a calm and serene life, there are no problems and fear. But one day something unexpected happens, it’s a terrible evil monster Bergen attacks the settlement of the trolls. He abducts almost all trolls, and only Poppy escapes from him, who for the first time in her life finds herself in such a difficult situation, and the gloomy hermit Branch, who hid in his house from the surrounding world.

Heroes, who have never communicated with each other, have to join forces and go to a very dangerous and eventful journey. Poppy and Branch have their own opinion on what is happening, so they time by time have disagreements, which they will have to solve, because the main task is to save the trolls that are at terrible creatures. Step by step Branch and Poppy become a great team, ready to pass any challenges and succeed.

Cast / Music

For spectators is an important fact that sound is made by Anna Kendrick, who was filming in Twilight, Justin Timberlake, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, who is famous for the cartoon series “How to Tame the Dragon”, Russell Brand, James Corden, Kunal Nayyar, Ron Funches, Icona Pop, Gwen Stefani, and many others. The musical accompaniment is by Justin Timberlake and Gwen Stefani.

Do you know that:

  • There is an official cartoon website
  • There is an official YouTube channel
  • There are held actions and competitions in official groups of the cartoon with a gift rally
  • Based on your comments, you can mount a small episode with the main characters of the cartoon.

Trolls Part 2 release date

Title Release Date
Trolls 2 April 10, 2020

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Poppy vs Branch DANCE OFF + Total TROLLS Takeover! | YOUR COMMENTS COME TO LIFE!

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