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The White Princess Season 2

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The White Princess Season 2Interesting, exciting mini-series “The White Princess” from the studio’s Company Pictures, Playground Entertainment and Starz is a film adaptation of the famous novel by Philippa Gregory’s entitled “The White Princess”.

At the moment, the mini-series got eight episodes of which the first season consisted. These eight episodes showed us an amazing historical picture with Jodie Comer (as Princess Elizabeth) and actor Jacob Collins-Levy (as King Henry VII).

The series was able to win good ratings, positive reviews from film critics and viewers, but is this enough to ensure that the channel Starz decided to make The White Princess Season 2? At first, as the channel originally said: this picture is a limited version, the so-called mini-series.

Maybe this means that we will not see The White Princess Season 2. Now, the channel Starz keeps silence about the series. Let’s hope that we will hear an official verdict soon.

Therefore, we will not dissolve the rumors and put the status of The White Princess Season 2 as TBD (To Be Discussed).

Stay with us to be the first to know the extended mini-series The White Princess for the second season or completely canceled.


Jodie Comer (as Princess Elizabeth)England for many years suffered from internecine war. However, the long-awaited phase of the truce is coming. The changes come along with a thoughtful marriage between Elizabeth of York, who is the heir of Yorks, and King Henry VII, representing the Lancaster family. However, all this can not be called a full-fledged marriage. Rather, it is a terrible and exhausting war. This union has stopped this mess throughout the country. And the period that went down in history, like the War of the Roses, was officially left behind.

But the struggle for the possession of the throne only flares up, marking the beginning of a new historical period, which, in fact, has become one of the most intense and turbulent periods of the Kingdom of England. The problems of the conjugal alliance threaten with new misfortunes for the exhausted people. They can be moved from the bedroom and the palace backstage straight to the streets, threatening to a brutal, fratricidal conflict.

Conspiracies, dirty political games, betrayal – all this is woven into the one, tangled ball, which will be unraveled only by a strong-willed and purposeful person, ready to sacrifice personal ambitions for the sake of the peace of the whole kingdom.

The White Princess Season 2 Release Date

Title Release Date
The White Princess Season 2 TBD

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  1. Ann says:

    We would love to see season 2

  2. Donna says:

    Just finished watching on DVD The White Princeess Season One of was real good and some sex the one rating on it unrated


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