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The Son of Bigfoot 2017

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The Son of Bigfoot 2017

Wave Pictures and StudioCanal studios prepared a wonderful story “The Son of Bigfoot” for us by the direction of Jeremy Degruson, Ben Stassen. The cartoon is based on a fantastic story by writers Bob Barlen and Cal Brunker.

The cartoon is perfect for children and adults. It is recommended for family viewing. Plenty of pleasant moments, positive, and also a good mood – is guaranteed!

The official release date is already known, the premiere of the cartoon “The Son of Bigfoot” will be on August 11, 2017.

The plot will show its viewer an incredibly touching picture of the unusual little boy Adam and his adventures in the woods. We will know that Bigfoot exists, and this discovery will be a pleasant news, for someone who thought of it as its descendant.


In our world, there are still mysteries from places lost in time and ending with creatures, of which more than one legend has been composed. Moreover, all these legends can be taken endlessly for the idea and the plot for cartoons. This time, it happened so, the creators of the cartoon The Son of Bigfoot (2017), based on the story for his cartoon legend of Bigfoot, a snowman, in short, a legend about the yeti.

The main character of the cartoon The Son of Bigfoot is a boy Adam. The kid is growing up without a father, he does not know anything about him, and it bothers him. The boy loves the forest, loneliness and adventure. His curiosity sometimes leads him to the most remote places from civilization. Its happened this time, after the taunts of classmates, the boy decided to prove to everyone that he was not a coward who went to the woods. The boy wasn’t afraid of the woods, it was so alluring and so familiar. But there he faced to unexpected troubles and, fleeing, realized that thanks to his hair, his gait and other small things that are very similar to the image of a yeti who he had seen more than once. And what was his surprise when, resting and hiding from the weather under a giant tree, the kid met him…

Instant acquaintance grew into friendship and opened the horizon of incredible adventures. This is not allowed to get all the truth. Who really is a new friend?

Was the meeting by chance or by fate? Has Adam got the answers to all the questions that interested him before today’s adventure? And whether the new adventure awaits the boy in this forest, we’ll know when we watch the cartoon The Son of Bigfoot.

The Son of Bigfoot 2017 release date

Title Release Date
The Son of Bigfoot 2017 August 11, 2017

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