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The Sinner Season 1

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The Sinner Season 1The new psychological thriller The Sinner Season 1 based on the book by the German writer Petra Hammesfahr is about to be released on the screens of our TV sets.

Based on the official reports of the creators of the project, it is expected that the series will have eight episodes. You can watch the series The Sinner on the USA Network.

The official release date of the thriller The Sinner Season 1 is already known, the premiere show will be on August 2, 2017.

The number of seasons of this series is still unknown, it all depends on the ratings.

We hope that the plot will find its viewer, because psychological thrillers are always very hard. We are waiting for the start of the show to begin to leave feedback and see the ratings of film critics.


About the storyline, we know quite a bit, the authors and creators of the project decided to make an intrigue, which is highly predictable. Although stop, what intrigue? The series is based on the book “The Sinner” by German writer Petra Hammesfahr, therefore, those who has already read it know what to expect in the plot of the series.

For those who hasn’t read this book, we will briefly describe what it is about.

Young woman Cora Tanner (her role is played by actress Jessica Biel) is doing something very terrible. Being furious, Cora Tanner commits a public act of aggression and that the most terrible, a young woman can not even explain the reason for her act. It feels as though something has moved into her or the cruel mysteries of the past have engulfed her mind.

A talented detective, who is obsessed with the desire to find out all the hidden motives of the main character, is taking for this case. To understand this difficult situation, the investigator begins to explore the depths of the psyche of his client, where he finds the cruel secrets of her past.

The Sinner Season 1 Release Date

Title Release Date
The Sinner August 2, 2017

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