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The Silver Guardian Season 2

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The Silver Guardian Season 2

Alternative title: Gin no Guardian Season 2

Fantastic anime series The Silver Guardian is a novelty in the spring of 2017 from the studio Haoliners Animation League and directed by Masahiko Ookura, which is based on the Web manga.

The plot of the anime series is not something unique in its genre, something similar we saw in Sword Art Online, when virtual reality swallows characters and makes them the main characters in the online game. In this anime we saw something like this: the online game “Grave Buster” is swallowing the main characters and now they have to go through quite a few tests in order not just to go back, but to survive.

What can we say, the studio Haoliners Animation League has done an brilliant job of creating this anime series. We have got a good story, an excellent picture and a nice voice-over. We liked the main characters Shui Yin Lu and Lian Lu, watching them is a pleasure! But the first season of the series is over and now the fans have a question: “Will The Silver Guardian Season 2 be?”

We have good news for you, Haoliners Animation League has officially confirmed that we will see The Silver Guardian Season 2. The estimated release date is April 2018 (adjustments are possible).

Are you already waiting for The Silver Guardian Season 2? Any idea what to expect from the second season? Write in the comments.


The Silver Guardian Season 2 Shui YinShui Yin Lu and Lian Lu are classmates, best friends and they are real masters of computer games. Such a love for computer games – this secret is known only to the two of them. Once Lian gives Shui Yin a device made for stealing the tombs in the online game “Grave Buster”. And while Shui Yin rejoices at a new acquisition, Lian is suddenly kidnapped. Shui Yin touches the device and is suddenly transferred to the inside of the game. But there is no exit from there. What will Shuyin Shui Yin find in this fictional world inside the device?

It turned out that in this world two groups of people are fighting for the power of the gods, which originates from the tomb of mother-goddess Pangu. The first group of people is called the tomb robbers, and the second is called the defenders of the tombs. And the unknown device received by Shui Yin from Lian is called Monolit, and it allows an ordinary player to get inside the tomb.

A group of tomb robbers planned an attack, calling ordinary people in their ranks, in the name of online games. And Shui Yin, in order to save Lian, one has to become a defender of the tombs and fight against the thieves.

But the plot of the fantastic anime series The Silver Guardian Season 2 is a secret – it’s even good, because intrigue is preserved! In any case, the second season is officially confirmed, so that our favorite heroes are about to return to the TV screens.

The Silver Guardian Season 2 Release Date

Title Release Date
The Silver Guardian Season 2 April 2018

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