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The Mummy 2017

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Hey, fans of horror, thriller, fiction and action movies, are you already aware of what will happen this summer? The Mummy 2017 is directed by Universal Pictures and Alex Kurtzman, where such famous actors as Sofia Boutella, Tom Cruise, Annabelle Wallis and Russell Crowe will be shown on TV.

The first film about the Mummy was released in descent 1932, much later a few sequels of this genre were shot, and already in 2017, everyone expects a novelty with an action-line and modern, breathtaking special effects. It will be a long forgotten story, shown in a very different time.

The official release date of The Mummy is already known, the premiere will be on June 9, 2017.

Fans of the genre are already looking forward to the premiere, because expecting a lot from the film. The actor-director cast adds some optimism, which simply does not have a chance to fail! We wait…


In search of a terrorist group, American soldiers go to Iraq, in order to detect and destroy the enemy. The team has information that the criminals are in one of the underground bunkers.

Having collected a sufficient amount of information, and having determined the goals, a group of soldiers gets into the right place. However, terrorists are not found there, neither alive nor dead. The military found only an ancient tomb, looking quite eerily even from afar. Taking the find into the plane, the group goes back to the location.

There is a talented archaeologist Nick Morton with the specialist researcher Jenny Halsey in the plane, who accompanied by a group of soldiers transported in an aircraft mummified body of the Egyptian queen. For millennia, it lay in a sarcophagus, buried with honors in the middle of a hot desert, wishing to keep resting, and so that no one disturbed her eternal sleep.

Nevertheless, the body was extracted, which led to terrible, irreversible consequences, which is not forgivable for ignorant people who, for their own priorities, do everything. The members of the expedition began to experience the curse of the pharaohs while still being in the sky. Picking up the mummy, it was loaded on a board of the air transport. They were going to take it to its location. But to complete successfully the flight was not destined for all.

The plane fell into a chaos and was enveloped by a strange fog, suddenly a huge flock of mad birds appeared from it. Attacking the windshield, the feathered struck it, disorienting the pilots and leading everyone to an emergency. Realizing how it might end, Morton managed to hitch a rescue parachute to the only living woman on board and push her out of the plane, thereby saving her.

Not everyone managed to escape; among the “lucky ones” were Nick Morton and the mummy Ahmanet, which had risen from the dead, which would try to enslave the whole world now. Nevertheless, there is still a man on the Earth who can stop this evil.

The Mummy Release Date

Title Release Date
The Mummy 2017 June 9, 2017

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And for rookies who want to figure out the subject and before the release date of this film, they would like to know the storyline of similar ones. We have prepared a list of the best ones in this genre.

Title IMDb Rating Release Date
The Mummy 7 / 10 May 7, 1999
The Mummy Returns 6.3 / 10 April 29, 2001
The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor 5.2 / 10 August 1, 2008

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