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The Mick Season 3

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The Mick Season 3 release date

“The Mick” – today it’s already quite a popular American comedy TV series is broadcasted on Fox. The creators of the series are the brothers Dave and John Chernin, and the main role is played by actress Kaitlin Olson. The first season premiere was on January 1, 2017. At the moment the series has two full seasons.

If you only knew about this show, we are ready to tell you briefly, what awaits you.

The main character Mickey (Kaitlin Olson) is slightly crazy and unorganized. The girl tries to live easily. She doesn’t try to be successful and avoids any responsibility that can only fall on her shoulders. However, this time the responsibility fell upon her suddenly in the form of her nephews: Sabrina, Chip and Ben Pemberton.

The eldest of the children, Sabrina Pemberton, is at the transition period. In the head of young lady, there are only parties and stylish things. The role of the schoolgirl is performed by actress Sofia Black-D’Elia, plays her role perfectly.

The middle of the family Pemberton is Chip. The guy is spoiled and confident that all problems can be solved by a purse. However, money doesn’t help him to communicate with girls. The character of Chip perfectly embodies the screen actor Thomas Barbusca.

The smallest character of the series is Ben. The kid is the only one who stands by Mickey’s side. He is very nice and funny. Actor Jack Stanton made his debut as the youngest of the Pemberton family.

As a result, every episode of the television series is twenty minutes of unreal humor and a positive charge for the whole day. Our heroes all the time get in different funny situations, and Mickey tries to solve the problem. The woman is ready to seduce Sabrina’s boyfriend, so that she does not become pregnant, to send Ben to the girls’ school and to show Chip that nobody likes rich upstarts.

However, the second season of the series “The Mick” has come to the end and now you can see many questions about the future of the project. The main ones are: Will The Mick Season 3 be? When is the release date of The Mick Season 3 Episode 1?

The second season has raised the ratings of the series and now it’s safely to say that The Mick Season 3 will be! The launch of the third season is expected in September 2018.

It is planned that the cast will remain unchanged, but the number of episodes is still unknown.

Are you waiting for the third season of the series? Do you want to see the new adventures of Mickey and her nephews from the Pemberton family?


The Mick ыtorylineRecently, the life of the failure of Mick Mackenzie “Mickey” Murphy has changed absolutely, because she moved to her sister’s house, to watch three nephews. She already, it would seem, has got used to a new life. Together with the children, the house cleaner Alba, who finally stopped to perform her duties, and the silly friend of Jimmy, the heroine survived a lot of funny stories. She argued with neighbors, cared for the children and in every way helped them to solve problems. And then, when life was finally settled, something unexpected happened – Ben burned the house. All the unusual family, led by Mickey, is forced to move to the most luxurious hotel. They enjoy swimming in the pool, delicious food and expensive cocktails. But one day their happiness ends.

The financial adviser of the family is charged with monitoring expenses, and he cuts them, sending spoiled children along with their guardian to live in a cheap hotel. For Sabrina and Chip, who are accustomed to live in wealth, this becomes a real test. Only Mickey can solve this problem. She agrees to help the nephews in return for some concessions on their part. Now it faces an uneasy task – to return money and the opportunity to live in pleasure. She couldn’t imagine what difficulties she would face fulfilling this task.

Do you think this story will end like this? No! A lot of fun adventures and sharp turns of fate await our heroine. It remains to wait for the third season of the comedy TV series “The Mick” to continue to watch this fun story.

The Mick Season 3 Release Date

Title Release Date
The Mick Season 3 September 2018

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