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The Last Ship Season 5

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The Last Ship Season 5

“The Last Ship” is a post-apocalyptic dramatic television series in the best traditions of the TNTdrama channel, from TNT Originals studio and directors Steven Kane and Hank Steinberg. The plot is based on the same novel by William Brinkley, who was enthusiastically endorsed by critics and fans of stories about the courage of the naval command in emergencies.

At the moment the series has 4 full seasons, each of which showed us a fascinating plot as the crew of the warship Nathan James performs the most difficult tasks at the price of the future of the planet Earth.

All fans of post-apocalyptic scenarios fell in love with the series, and also won positive reviews of film critics and became one of the best in its genre. These factors that influenced the decision to extend The Last Ship to Season 5.

Yes, we have very good news for you! From official sources, we knew that the series would have a continuation in the form of the fifth season.

Officially. The release date for The Last Ship Season 5 is scheduled, and new episodes will be shown in June 2018.

As we knew, the main cast will remain unchanged. This means that we will again see our Naval Destroyer “Nathan James” in action!


Nathan James / The Last ShipThe brave crew of the American Naval Destroyer “Nathan James” for a long time struggled to save the planet. Half of the population died of a terrible virus, and only a few scientists on board the ship, far from the threat of infection, engaged in the development of antivirus, which eventually saved humanity from complete extinction. Captain Tom Chandler’s ship was appointed responsible for the success of this crucial mission. He and his people had to face a variety of different threats. The disturbances on the ship, the fall of authority and dangerous opponents who are not interested in the spread of the antivirus are just a small part of what the heroes have overcome.

After the recent events, Tom Chandler made a difficult decision to abandon his title and all regalia. He began a new quiet life in a small Greek town. For the first time in a long time, he was able to pay enough attention to his family and relieve himself of the heavy burden of responsibility. But a new threat appears on the horizon. Humanity managed to escape from destruction, but now the virus spread to plants, and this threatens the world with food crisis. The food reserves are rapidly melting, and soon a real catastrophe can occur. Tom is asked to return to the ship and lead another mission to save the world.

We are sure that The Last Ship Season 5 will show us another fascinating story in which the brave crew of the ship “Nathan James” will face a completely new threat. Can our heroes go through all the difficulties and accomplish a very difficult task?

The Last Ship Season 5 Release Date

Title Release Date
The Last Ship Season 5 June 2018 (officialy)

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