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The King’s Avatar Season 2

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The Kings Avatar Season 2

Alternative titles: Quan Zhi Gao Shou Second Season, Master of Skills Season 2

The King’s Avatar Season 2 is a continuation of the popular Chinese anime from the studio G.CMay Animation & Film and director Ke Xiong, which premiered in April 2017. Novelty interested many fans of projects of this genre.

This series has not been left without attention in many countries, as many positive reviews and long discussions on thematic portals say. Such popularity anime series found due to its plot based on an online game.

The world of online games completely flooded the modern world. A large number of people play different games every day. In response to great demand, modern game makers offer a huge variety of games for every taste; no one will remain indifferent to such an assortment. Not a few anime are devoted to online games, for example, The King’s Avatar.

However, the first season consisting of 12 episodes has already ended and now all fans of this adventure story are interested in when the second season of anime will be released.

From official sources, we knew that The King’s Avatar Season 2 would be! The exact release date is still unknown, but the authors of the project announced that the new season’s premiere is scheduled for 2019.

Yes, wait a long time, but do not be in a hurry to get upset, we have many other animes for you.


Ye Xiu - The Kings AvatarEnvy drives people to do many things. And since Ye Xiu became the best player in the “Glory”, his success has not left anyone resting, and as a result he survived from the team of professional players, and his character has forever been left in oblivion. However, Ye Xiu soon returned to start everything from the very beginning. Using all his experience in this game, he quickly began to go up from the bottom, demonstrating amazing skills worthy of expert level.

His new team began to grow together with him. Despite the fact that many suspected the new player of dishonesty, there were still people who began to trust him, and this turned out to be the right choice. Finally, Ye Xiu reached the level when he could start to build a team for the professional league, as well as face his longtime opponent, since his previous account. Their strengths are equal, and Ye Xiu has to outrun him and regain the rightful place of the professional at the top of the “Glory.” The return of the king is not over!

The King’s Avatar Season 2 Release Date

Title Release Date
The King’s Avatar Season 2 2019

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  1. deva says:

    king’s avatar season 2 episode 4 release date will to long plz before you will release

  2. Afiqz says:

    I want this anime ,because i like and me wait the continue this anime ,i want to say i support this anime and i more this story this anime can be famous the country quan gou shou ,the king avatar continue long episode ,1 episode 35 minit can be best look anime.

  3. Dolland says:

    is the season 2 already out ?


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