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The Irregular at Magic High School Season 2 release date 2019, latest news, rumors and trailer

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The Irregular at Magic High School Season 2

Original title: Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei

The fantastic anime series The Irregular at Magic High School is a project of the Japanese studio Madhouse, and the famous Ono Manabu was the director. The series is an adaptation of the same-name light-novel from the author Satou Tsutomu. The first season of the anime series started on April 6, 2014. It was a masterpiece in its genre, so it quickly got popularity, and eventually became one of the most popular in Japan and not only.

Indeed, the storyline is unique and quite interesting. We met beautiful characters: Tatsuya Shiba, Miyuki Shiba, Mayumi Saegusa, Erika Chiba and Shizuku Kitayama. We would like to look at these characters forever, relive a lot of intriguing moments with them and help them in difficult situations, but the first season is over and silence has been for five years.

Anyone wondering if The Irregular at Magic High School Season 2 be? What is known? What rumors?

There are good news for fans of the anime series The Irregular at Magic High School!

Update 01/24/2019. We are sure that the studio Madhouse will extend the series for the second season. Today there were rumors that the release date of The Irregular at Magic High School Season 2 has already been set, and the first episodes should be shown in April 2019. We hope so much that this information will be officially confirmed very soon. Stay wit hus and follow up updates.
Update from February 18, 2018. We apologize for the fact that the previous forecast was incorrect (November 11, 2017). Our sources say that work on the second season is still going on. Most likely, we will see the premiere of the second season on April 8, 2018. However, in one of the Japanese forums we saw a rather interesting message from a user who calls himself one of the employees of Madhouse. He reports that the final decision on the release date hasn’t been made yet. The studio is discussing the possibility of releasing a second season in the summer of 2018.

Now it is known that the second season consists of 13 episodes, but the producers do not exclude the continuation to 26 as it was in the previous season.

Who does not know the first part of the series, and then you have a great opportunity to know it. The Irregular at Magic High School is an anime series in a fantasy genre where the world will never be the same, magic is the ability that almost everyone has.

Do you want to see the continuation of a fantastic story? Will you wait for The Irregular at Magic High School Season 2? We are waiting for your comments.


The Irregular at Magic High School Season 2 release date 2019It is a fantastic world in 2095. There is the same Japan, but only with a magical bias. For any anime, magic has become an absolute norm. So, here is not just magic, but magic, which is closely interlacing with science and magical things in one way or another connected with it. Everybody can use magic here, and wizards are a combat power of the army of any state. The same magic was used in other industries. Moreover, there were special schools and universities around the world where they taught to control and use magic.

Love The Irregular at Magic High School Characters?

Our main characters enter the such kind of institution. Their names are Tatsuya and Miyuki Shiba – brother and sister. They are both wizards, but only Tatsuya was a theorist, and Miyuki was very good at practicing. They entered one of the most prestigious high schools in Japan. There, high school students were divided into two types of magicians: “flower” and “weed”. Flowers were practices, weeds were theorists, and it is clear that the brother and sister would be separated. Miyuki did not really want this, because she had special feelings for Tatsuya, but there was nowhere to go. So, there is a new chapter in the life of the children of Shiba, where are looking forward to a lot of fascinating and interesting things!

The Irregular at Magic High School Season 2 Release Date

Series number Release Date
1 April, 2019
2 April, 2019
3 April, 2019
4 April, 2019
5 May, 2019
6 May, 2019
7 May, 2019
8 May, 2019
9 June, 2017
10 June, 2019
11 June, 2019
12 June, 2019

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The Irregular at Magic High School Season 2 Trailer

Discussion: 22 comments
  1. Daniel says:

    Where did you get the dates for the second season?
    The only info I can find is, the up and coming movie.

    1. Lindsey Ani says:

      I think they get it…from authors / studios social pages like Twitter, FB etc.


  2. zozzythebeast says:

    As far as magic high goes. they have more than enough left to make another season. if you have forgotten, his main goal in doing all that he has done. was to subjugate the family that him and his sister came from. I don’t know about everyone else but a season where he has to battle the most powerful magic users in the country seems like a good second season to me.

    1. Natsuyarito says:

      Not to mention powerful magicians from other countries. Tatsuya is a strategic class magician, one of only 50 or so in the world. That material burst he used at the end of season destroyed a city and killed another strategic class magician which is a big deal. Hopefully like in the LNs he gets to fight the most powerful strategic class magician from the US. Its such a good fight.

      1. FirstIsa says:

        If you read the LN if didn’t just destroy a city and kill another strategic class magician. The Material burst he used literally wiped out nearly entire Great Asian Alliance navy in a single shot and did enough damage to reshape the coast of China so it has a new bay the size of city.

        If season 2 follows the Light Novels he doesn’t actually face off against anyone from Japan. The movie that was announced in July will have him go up against a Member of the USNA Stars team, but the next major arc in the story involved him working with the JSDF to remove a member of the GAA that had stuck around after the attack on Yokohama and also dealing with a creature (being vague to avoid spoilers) that appears during the next Nine Schools Competition.

    2. Maddelyn says:

      I agree.

  3. Lalniv says:

    I love the first season now waiting for the sevond

  4. Anzuu says:

    Yeah. The series are worth to have second season.

  5. Maddelyn says:

    I get where your getting at from he anime The Irregular at Magic High School, but like the part from bringing up the new enemy could be the Aunt. I mean yeah the first season started out pretty…. boring if I should say with only explaining things like you said. But she would be the perfect enemy for the enemy, regarding to Tatsuya fighting for his ‘freedom’ i guess. Leave out some of the main characters you know, and work on the sibling relationship. But that just my opinion.

  6. Andreas says:

    Ok it is November 11th, are we still getting the show today or has it been postponed?

  7. Mohamed zaghloul says:

    Today is November, 11… Where is season 2 now????

  8. Darius says:

    When is this coming to crunchyroll?

  9. kevin says:

    But where is it? It’s been three days since the date

  10. katsua says:

    pls update me its my first time watching this im so addicted to it.. keep reading fan fiction and i cant wait to see how miyuki grown up and seen her true potentials… thank u

  11. Lila says:

    Are you sure that this is correct? Because I can’t find it anywhere else. In fact, somewhere it even says that season 2 will not be released until 2018. If so, where are the episodes that have been released?

  12. joshua says:

    where can i find season 2 or has it been delayed

  13. Atsushi says:

    Where is season 2???????????

  14. Matt says:

    Where is it? Its been long since November yet no sign of a new season.

  15. DaKing says:

    you need to up date this plz

  16. Lila says:

    Ok, so according to this there should already be 3 episodes available but I can’t find them anywhere. Please make sure you have the correct info before you publish it. This way, you’re just getting all of our hopes up, all of the people who are waiting for season 2. Did the studio even start with the production or was it a scam as well?

  17. Jared Owen says:

    Really am hoping that they make a season two with 26 episodes. Love the story, love the possibilities. Keep it going!

  18. Joseph says:

    I have to admit that this show was interesting but, to me I would like a dubbed version of this show. I’m one of the people that like to be entertained and rest my body and mind from a long day’s work rather than try to keep up with the subtitles and watch the show at the same time. I get that there are people out there that love sub shows, as for me I would just like the option of dub. It’s not to force people to have dub if they don’t want it, I would like to just say that if the option is there because it’s so popular that I could love the show as much as the next person. Thank you


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