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The Goldbergs Season 6

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The Goldbergs Season 6, release date

The premiere of a comedy show “The Goldbergs” was on September 24, 2013 on the American television channel ABC. The creator of the project and the author of the script is Adam F. Goldberg. It was this man who was able to describe his life in a masterpiece and to write into the scenario real events that happened to him and his relatives.

The plot line is twisted on the fact that the Goldberg family lives in the eighties. This series got super success, because it is full of light humor and sarcasm. It’s interesting to see how the Americans lived in the 80’s, when everyone dressed funny, there were no smartphones and other modern gadgets. The scriptwriter tells about his life and experience. Not everyone is allowed to talk about themselves so that they get high ratings on American television, but Adam F. Goldberg did it perfectly.

Huge popularity and high ratings played a role; as a result, we have already five full seasons “The Goldbergs”. Maybe someone thought that this is the last season? – No! The authors of the project and the ABC television channel are not going to put an end to this story and close their successful project.

Officially confirmed information. ABC announced that the show “The Goldbergs” would receive Season 6. The release date for the new season is scheduled for September 26, 2018.

This is very good news for all fans of the series. Well, now we just have to watch the last episodes of the fifth season and have a good supply of cola and a popcorn for the sixth.


The Goldbergs familyThe action of the comedy series “The Goldbergs” takes place in the eighties of the twentieth century in the town of Jenkintown, Pennsylvania. The heroine’s name is Beverly. A woman adores complete control over her husband and her children. Matriarchy – that’s the order in the Goldberg house. Each member of the family is extraordinarily charismatic. The whole area knows the heroes. The father of the family is Murray. A man is despotic and self-confident. He sincerely considers himself a clever man. Beverly isn’t far behind the hero – it’s like his true soulmate. From the side there is an impression that among all Goldbergs only eleven-year-old son is adequate. The owner of the video camera, Adam diligently shoots all events in the house of the family.

The boy dreams of a career as a director. His elder brother and sister mistakenly believe that their behavior is an example for a younger brother. But the child ignores the advice of 16-year-old Barry and 17-year-old Erica. Stupid, funny situations – a common occurrence for the characters of the series. The camera of Goldberg, Jr. shot a whole series of situations, lived by the whole family. Their emotions, relationships, based on the plenty of events taking place in the country of that time, have formed different people who have one common world – the world of their friendly family.

The Goldbergs Season 6 Release Date

Title Release Date
The Goldbergs Season 6 September 26, 2018

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