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The Exorcist Season 2

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The Exorcist Season 2The exciting series, based on the world-famous series of horror films, which have become classics of world cinema and based on the popular novel The Exorcist, written by the outstanding American writer William Peter Blatty, will tell about the incredibly dangerous work of exorcists – priests casting out demons.

And as we knew, one of the best horror / thriller series “The Exorcist” from the studio of 20th Century Fox Television and by the creator of the project Jeremy Slater will soon glad us with the second season! And this is very good news for everyone who really likes the brave “adventures” of two priests – fighters with demons Tomas Ortega and Marcus Keane.

The release date of the series The Exorcist Season 2 is already planned to be in the twentieth of September, 2017.

We can sum it up, The Exorcist Season 2 will be 100% on the screens of your TVs. This is officially confirmed information from the FOX channel and the authors of the project.


Tomas Ortega and Marcus KeaneReverend Father Tomas Ortega is in the center of the story, who, being a new face of the Catholic Church, runs a small but very popular believer in the outskirts of Chicago, completely unaware that his life will change forever in the near future.

One day, Angela Rance, one of his regular parishioners, asks Thomas for help, which is extremely worried that something strange is happening in her house. Recently, an agitated woman began to notice that her daughter Kat’s behavior had changed a lot. Realizing that she was no longer the girl she used to see, a desperate mother told the priest that a demon had settled in her house.
This event makes our hero to go in search of the father of Marcus Keane Рan unrelieved priest, a real Knight Templar of modern times, hiding from prying eyes in the dark slums of M̩xico, because only he truly knows what a danger demon possession is.

The Exorcist Season 2 Release Date

Title Release Date
The Exorcist Season 2 the twentieth of September, 2017

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