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The Big Bang Theory Season 11

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The Big Bang Theory Season 11
The youth comedy series The Big Bang Theory from the studio CBS and the creators Chuck Lorre, Bill Prady will continue to please us with his humorous story in the form of 11 seasons.

The Big Bang Theory is perhaps one of the best comedy series, the so-called sitcoms of the last decade, which symbolizes a new era, as in its time the series “Friends.” Bright and atypical characters, a wonderful game of actors, great humor – this is just a few of the advantages of the series, because of which you just need to get stuck in the screen and watch it. This is one of those series that you need to watch, and that does not bother you at all.

10th season comes to the end and millions of fans already want to know the release date of The Big Bang Theory Season 11.

Like previous seasons, it is planned that the CBS studio will release a new series of 11 seasons in the second half of September 2017. Most likely, the number of episodes will be at least 24.

Oh, a whole summer without jokes from Leonard and Sheldon. It will be difficult to wait, but we hope that the authors will please us with an interesting story in the new season. Are you already waiting for The Big Bang Theory Season 11?


Two young and talented physicists – Leonard Hofstadter and Sheldon Cooper are in the center of the story. They are the best friends, rent a house together and work in one company called Cal Tech in Pasadena, California. They are very intelligent, and frankly, they consider themselves “great minds”. In their spare time, they fool around, play video games, read comics and watch movies. But, despite the fact that their IQ goes off scale, the guys absolutely can not communicate with people, especially if it comes to an attractive girl. However, when they meet a new neighbor, the stunning beauty Penny, everything begins to change dramatically.

The Big Bang Theory Main HeroesAlso, Leonard and Sheldon are accompanied with two of their slightly unusual friends, one of whom is the lustful engineer Howard Wolowitz, and the second unrealistically shy astrophysicist Rajesh Koothrappali, who needs a good drink before talking to the girl, not to mention something more.

There are plenty of jokes, positive and awkward moments in this comedy series. And The Big Bang Theory Season 11 promises to be no less funny and interesting than the previous ones.

The Big Bang Theory Season 11 Release Date

Title Release Date
The Big Bang Theory Season 11 the second half of September 2017

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