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The Angry Birds Movie 2 (2018)

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The Angry Birds Movie 2 2018

Images Source: ROVIO

Angry Birds is a world-famous humorous battle between birds and pigs, which was first known by mobile phone owners back in 2009. After all, in December, happy owners of Apple Iphone were able to download the first game, which was only the beginning of the era of confrontation between birds and pigs. The franchise from the company Rovio has become so popular among players that literally for a year the fan sector was about hundreds of millions of fans around the world.


Due to such popularity, the Finnish company Rovio Entertainment released new parts of the game, such as: Angry Birds Season, Angry Birds Rio, Angry Birds Space, Angry Birds Star Wars, Angry Birds, Friends and Angry Birds Trilogy. Huge popularity, crowds of fans and excellent sales, is a reason for continuing the franchise. That’s why, Rovio went further and released a cartoon series called “Angry Birds Toons”, where the confrontation of Red, Chuck, Bomb, Matilda, Terence, and The Blues continued against the brazen pigs in 2013. A series of episodes became no less popular among fans and could even increase their number. And the world already saw a full-length cartoon “The Angry Birds Movie” in 2016, where the battles continued.

Despite not very high marks, the cartoon “The Angry Birds Movie” got a huge support among the fans. The picture managed to get more than 100 million dollars in the USA and about 347 million dollars outside. And this is a very good indicator, because this year the premiere of such masterpieces as “Finding Dory”, “Zootopia” and “The Secret Life of Pets” was started. Of course, the main role in this was played by the huge popularity of the franchise with a lot of fans, an excellent date of release and a good cast of actors (voice).

The cartoon “The Angry Birds Movie” can boast of super animation, excellent voice acting (led by Jason Sudeikis, Bill Hader and Josh Gad) and an incredibly large number of cool moments that leave a lot of positive emotions. So many positive moments give hope that the premiere of The Angry Birds Movie 2 (2018) will be.

An exclusive interview given to Wall Street Journal by Rovio CEO Kati Levoranta, who said:

“We have started planning the sequel to The Angry Birds Movie” adds much optimism.

Unfortunately, apart from these words, there are no official data about The Angry Birds Movie 2, its release date and actual name. But we can suppose that 2018 will surprise us with the continuation of the cartoon.

Already now, fans from different parts of the world on social networks come up with names for the second part of the cartoon. They share made-up scenarios and draw fanarts.

Well, we still have to wait for 2018 and expect official information from Rovio about the release date of the cartoon. It is possible that in this period we will see the release of a new part of the game, which will become scenarios for the film screening.

Storyline of The Angry Birds Movie

The Angry Birds Movie

Source: ROVIO

The screen adaptation of the world famous “Angry Birds” is a popular computer game that tells how the violent confrontation between angry birds and green pigs began.

The film’s actions take place on a wonderful island, where happy birds live, who can not fly. In the center of the story is Red, who since childhood felt like a “black sheep”, constantly, being the subject of ridicule by the peers. At first, our hero simply took offense and closed him off, but soon the events around him begin to irritate him a lot. Becoming more and more irritable, Red eventually grows into a real psycho who, sometimes unable to control his anger, takes his anger on the people around him, time by time destroying objects on his way.

One day a ship with green pigs comes to the island, which is very interested in bird eggs. Suspecting the wrong, Red decides to figure it all out and find out what backwoods septic want. Together with his friends, the fast Chuck and the explosive Bomb, our hero goes to the Mighty Eagle, living high in the mountains, sincerely hoping that he will help them to find out the truth.

The storyline of the animated series Angry Birds Toons

Angry Birds Toons

Source: ROVIO

Funny and exciting animated series “Angry Birds Toons”, released on screens in 2013, is the adaptation of a very popular game from the company Rovio Entertainment “Angry Birds”. In the center of the story for a long time are all known characters – evil birds and their inveterate enemies – green pigs. What is the essence of their confrontation? And the whole point is that annoying and gluttonous pigs are all the time working out plans how to steal eggs. However, every time, as soon as they come close to their goal, tireless birds manage not only to undertake an operation on saving their eggs, but also manage how to kick the annoying pigs. By the help of a slingshot and turning themselves as bombs Red, Chuck, Bomb, Matilda, Terence, and The Blues give real battle to annoying pigs. Although the pigs are getting smarter and more experienced every time, getting to eggs even from outer space. Therefore, there is a feeling that this confrontation will not finish…

Angry Birds Release Date

Title Release Date
Angry Birds Toons March 2013
The Angry Birds Movie 20 May 2016
The Angry Birds Movie 2 2018 (TBA)

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