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Teen Titans Go! Season 5

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Teen Titans Go! Season 5

Source: Cartoon Network

Cartoon “Teen Titans, Go!” was created on the basis of the same comics from the studios Cartoon Network and DC Entertainment… The dynamic storyline of the series will not allow us to miss any of the series. A bright and funny cartoon series immediately attracts attention, and afterwards does not let miss one until the very end.

Cartoonists thought carefully every detail, and the result of their work is a believable series. Heroes are waiting for exciting adventures, and together with them, the young spectators will enjoy everything they saw. These stories have some adult problems, and the humor and self-irony of the characters are at the highest level.

Due to the first four seasons, the cartoon has got millions of fans around the world, who are looking forward to the new series. As we see, the fourth season is coming to the end and the question is: “Will there be Teen Titans Go! Season 5?”

Let’s think about what we have: a plenty of fans, a wonderful, dynamic storyline, great graphics and a lot of positive emotions, etc. It is enough to hope for the fifth season.

Therefore, of course Teen Titans Go! Season 5 will be! Although at the moment there is no official information. But we are sure that DC Entertainment studio will continue its fantastic creation for the fifth season!

If you believe the statistics, then calculate the release date of Teen Titans Go! Season 5 is not so difficult. Most likely, the new series will be in May-June 2017.

And if not? Then we all ask DC Entertainment for continuation!


In the cartoon “Teen Titans Go!” we met a group of teenagers led by Robin in all its glory, fighting with the world evil. Here, the characters are still more or less normal teenagers, who will have great battles further. Therefore, they spend a lot of time playing computer games, teasing each other, have fun – is that thing that their peers all over the world do.

But their fate is already determined, so when they eating their sandwiches, they are already fighting with monsters. We know the characters from the first parts of the cartoon, but they haven’t just got their glory. Robin is just as impulsive, ready to turn any dispute into a sporting event, but keeping his emotions for the team’s main goal. Cyborg is also a responsible semi-human-semi-machine. Starfire is a hyperactive alien who has not completely understood the earthly realities. Beast Boy is a fun kid looking at the world and can take on the look of any animal. Raven is the mystical fruit of the love of the demonic personality and the representative of the human race.

They are still fooling around, living a life, but they already suspect that they are waiting for great things. Evil, meanwhile, gets to them to make a fight. For the moment, we have the opportunity to know more about the personality of the future great Titans.

Teen Titans Go! Season 5 Release Date

Title Release Date
Teen Titans Go! Season 5 May-June 2017

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