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Sword Art Online Season 3

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Sword Art Online Season 3

Sword Art Online is a popular anime series from studio A-1 Pictures and directed by Tomohiko Itou based on a light novel by the famous Japanese writer Reki Kawahara.

The plot of the anime series was so popular with viewers that in a short time it became a leader in its genre. Many fans repeatedly reviewed each episode falling in love with his story again and again. Some found themselves in the main character Kirigaya Kazuto, and some wanted to be like her.

Two seasons of anime series “Sword Art Online” flew very quickly and each of the fans would like to know: “Will Sword Art Online Season 3 be?”, “When can I see Sword Art Online Season Episode 1?” These questions are actual today. After all, we know so little about the third season.

However, we knew that Sword Art Online Season 3 will be! Work on this story began immediately after the premiere of “Sword Art Online Movie: Ordinal Scale”. The approximate release date is spring 2018. We will inform you as soon as studio A-1 Pictures announces the official release date.

Are you already missing the adventures of Kirigaya Kazuto (Kirito)?


Kirigaya Kazuto artLet’s remember what was in the second season of the anime series. The raucous animated series “Sword Art Online” returned to the screens in the form of the second season to please its fans with the continuation of an incredible story about the world of online games with a delightful storyline and incredible action. But this time the anime’s actions were already based on another game, but according to the SAO. The plot was based on a new game – Gun Gale Online, where at the base are not swords or magic, but incredible firearms. The game carried not only entertainment functions, but also helped everyone to learn how to shoot accurately.

Unfortunately, the calm gaming weekdays did not last long. Incredible things began to happen in the game. There was a man whose murders in the game were the same as the murders in the reality. So several people after diving into the game were found dead at home. To understand the situation, our old heroine Kirigaya Kazuto (nickname Kirito) is sent to a new world for herself, where she will learn to shoot and find the villain who commits these crimes.

As we remember, the player under the nickname Death Gun, who was an incredible shooter in the world of GGO, will come to help her. Together they will investigate this mystical and very confusing story.

Now we can already assume that Sword Art Online Season 3 will bring us a new story, in which Kirigaya Kazuto will play the leading roles. Most likely, the plot of the third season will develop around a new online action game in which will be closely intertwined with reality. We have the question: “Which game will be the basis of Sword Art Online Season 3?” Who has any ideas on this?

Sword Art Online Season 3 Release Date

Title Release Date
Sword Art Online Season 3 Spring 2018

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