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Supernatural Season 15 release date, latest news, trailer and promo

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Supernatural Season 15 Release Date

Well friends, what do we have for today? The show “Supernatural” is 14 years of fantastic battles, 14 seasons, more than 300 episodes of the battle between good and evil and the title of the longest North American sci-fi project. This is one of the top-rated TV shows of our time, it’s 22 victories and 84 nominations for the most prestigious film awards.

Some of us grew up on this series, from episode to episode we lived life with our favorite characters. And it is not surprising that many of us today cannot imagine our life without the Winchester brothers, without Castiel, without Bobby, Mary and others …

A question that keeps many people awake: “Will there be a Season 15 of Supernatural?”

It would seem, why suddenly this question may appear? 14 years, 14 seasons, everything is stable … what are the questions about Season 15?

For 14 years, the ratings of the series only grow! Interest is increasing, but the only point on which critics are focused is that the storyline becomes drawn out, after such a statement rumors began to grow that the 14th season would still be the last in the history of the brothers. We are glad that none of the creators hasn’t confirmed this information yet.

We are sure that Supernatural Season 15 is already scheduled, and its release date will be on October 11, 2019.

Or do you think that the battle between good and evil can be stopped? No, it will last forever! Dean and Sam will not leave us after season 14!


Supernatural Season 15 StorylineOkay, for those who still do not know (oh God, are there any?) We will tell you what is happening here.

During all the time that Dean and Sam were engaged in the extermination of evil spirits, they had to go through a lot and lose many. However, the more each of them tried to escape from fate, the more he realized that it was useless. Over the years, they have had to face what they would never believe without seeing with their own eyes.

Winchester visited Hell, made friends with some demons, who even became practically their allies, not only convinced that angels exist, but also made friends with one of them. But most importantly, they met God, whose existence they had already begun to doubt. In addition, they were even able to reconcile the God with his sister, for which she decided to resurrect Mary Winchester, the mother of Sam and Dean.

Despite the persistent battle against evil, the Winchester brothers again and again face new demons. Secretly dreaming of a normal life, they continue their war with evil spirits.

The main characters and actors of the series Supernatural

Supernatural Season 15 Cast
Dean Winchester is the eldest of the brothers-hunters of evil. It is popular with girls. Jensen Ackles is approved fort his role (“My Bloody Valentine”, “Still Life”, “Smallville”).

Sam Winchester is a younger brother who is ready to do anything not to lose Dean. Being younger, he tried to run from the fate of the hunter, but not succesfully. The hero was played by Jared Padalecki (“Christmas Cottage”, “Gilmore Girls”, “Friday the 13th”).

Castiel is an angel of God who becomes Winchester’s close friend. Misha Collins got this role (“Over Her Dead Body”, “The Grift”, “Girl, Interrupted”).

Crowley is the king of Hell, who has a rather ambiguous relationship with the Winchester brothers. He feels great sympathy for Dean, and Sam simply calls “Elk.” Hero is played by Mark Sheppard (“White Collar”, “Warehouse 13”).

Supernatural Season 15 Release Date

Title Release Date
Supernatural Season 15 October 11, 2019

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Supernatural Season 15 Trailer / Promo

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    You are not joking? Season 15? So happy! I’m looking forward to meeting these guys again! Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki i love you a lot!


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