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Supernatural Season 14

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Supernatural Season 14

Hooray! Officially confirmed, Supernatural Season 14 from the channel “The CW” will be released this autumn!

The series “Supernatural” has been on TV since 2005. During this time it managed to score very high ratings, put a lot of records and win the title of the longest North American science fiction project. At the moment, 297 episodes have been filmed. Recently, the producers have extended the series “Supernatural” for season 14, the release date of which is set for autumn 2018. And it’s the 14th season will be one of the most important and anticipated events, not only for fans, but for the creators of the series. In fact, in the new season, Supernatural will celebrate its record 300 episodes.

The series “Supernatural” for good reason has got such fabulous popularity. It’s all about a really interesting story, bright characters and an impressive acting game. The ratings of the project have not fallen for 13 years, so the CW channel continues to extend the show for new seasons.

Officially, The CW channel told about the extension of the project on April 2, 2018. Then it became known that the new series of “Supernatural” will be released on October 11, 2018.

It is already known that the new season will be the shortest in the number of episodes – there will be only 20. Scriptwriters and directors promise a bright story and an unexpected ending. The main roles will be performed by Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles and Misha Collins.

Sam and Dean still have a lot of adventures, and the evil spirits will try to do everything possible to eliminate the brothers.

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Supernatural Season 14 Quide
This story began many, many years ago, when Dean and Sam Winchester collided in childhood with a real tragedy. One night, terrible creatures from the other world entered the Winchester home and killed their mother. Their father John vowed to find the mysterious monsters and take revenge on them.

John Winchester began to look for the hated demon and faced new enemies – monsters, spirits, vampires, ghosts. So John knew that the world is full of mysterious and terrible phenomena. Mr. Winchester began to put information about evil in his diary, he got so involved in this that he was more and more far away from his sons.

As a result, Sam decided to refuse to fight with the paranormal entities. He got education and met his beloved girl. But one day Dean appears on the doorstep of his younger brother’s house. As it turned out, the father of the grown up heroes was missing.

When that same demon from the distant past kills Sam’s girlfriend, the brothers decide to start a trip and finally to destroy it.

On the way they will meet witches, ghosts and numerous demons. Using notes from their father’s diary, Dean and Sam successfully defeat all the enemies that come across them on the way. The angel Castiel or father’s friend Bobby Singer often come and help them.

However, even the killing of the ill-fated demon, guilty of the death of their mother, can not stop the brothers. Soon Lucifer appears on their way, wishing to open the gates of hell. Defeating him, Dean and Sam almost lose each other.

Despite the persistent struggle against evil, the Winchester brothers again and again face new dangers. Secretly dreaming of an usual life, they continue their war with evil spirits.

Supernatural Season 14 Release Date

Title Release Date
Supernatural Season 14 October 11, 2018

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Supernatural Season 14 Trailer

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