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Suits Season 8

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Suits Season 8, release dateThe popular television series Suits from studios Hypnotic and Universal Cable Productions, as well as creator of the project Aaron Korsh, shows in its plot an intriguing story about the union of two very talented lawyers of the present Harvey Specter and Mike Ross. He shows his viewer a hard road through dramatic and also comic situations to success, prosperity and wealth.

At the moment, the series “Suits” is officially extended for the seventh season, new episodes of which will begin on July 12 on the USA Network. But now it is not difficult to predict that the popularity and ratings of the series will allow the creators of the project and the USA network television channel to count on more as an eighth season.

If the decision is made in favor of extending the series, then we will take the liberty to predict the release date of the new season.

Rumors and predictions. If the series is extended, then we should expect the release date of Suits Season 8 not earlier than July 2018.

Meanwhile, let’s prepare popcorn to enjoy the plot of the new season and come up with some spoilers for the eighth season.


SuitsThe plot line of the television series tells the story of a young successful graduate of the law institute, Mike Ross. Yes, in school not always everything was smooth, but due to his innate stubbornness and a thirst for victories our hero still manages to finish his studies.

Not long ago, a guy got a job at one of the most famous law firms in Manhattan. His supervisor is Harvey Specter, a lawyer known all over the country, who has many successful court cases. While being a student, Mike met this man, and he was remembered as a hard-working student interested in science.

Harvey, talking to a guy, remembers himself in his youth. He was as restless, talented, intelligent and inquisitive student. An experienced lawyer is going to transfer all his knowledge, skills to a young guy. In addition, Harvey is going to make Mike his business companion. Their union is beginning to be successful in the shortest possible time. Mike and Harvey are eager to become the coolest and most famous lawyers not only in New York, but around the country.

Suits Season 8 Release Date

Title Release Date
Suits Season 8 July 2018

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Discussion: 3 comments
  1. Dianne Hoss says:

    Best show on TV. Fastest hour of gripping show. Can’t wait a year for season 8. Hope it will be sooner.

  2. Ken Mills says:

    will the new season of suits be released by netflix

  3. TJ says:

    Why are they cancelling the show after 8 seasons? Harvey, Donna and Louis ARE the show!
    Not Rachell and Mikeā€¦.


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