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Sneaky Pete Season 2

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Sneaky Pete Season 2Will Sneaky Pete Season 2 be? What is the release date of Sneaky Pete Season 2? Will there be any continuation of the series and what is known at the moment? – We have the answer to these questions.

The crime drama “Sneaky Pete” from the studios Sony Pictures Television, Amazon Studios, Shore Z Productions and authors of the project Bryan Cranston and David Shore appeared on the screens of our TVs in January 2017. Although the pilot episode was demonstrated in August 2015.

The series uniquely found its viewer and got really good reviews of film critics, and also got high ratings. First of all, it happened because of the unique story and the main character Marius Josipovic, who took the nickname of his cellmate Sneaky Pete, starting to live his life. Now the viewer is worried about his fate, because Mafiosi are trying to catch him, in order to revenge for past debts…

At this point, the viewer got a breather, because the first season of the series finished. However, do not hurry to grieve, we knew that the studio Amazon and Sony Pictures decided to extend Sneaky Pete for the second season.

The release date for Sneaky Pete Season 2 officially became known, it is planned that the premiere of the new season will begin in mid-January 2018.


Sneaky Pete Season 2 StorylineThe main hero of the crime drama “Sneaky Pete” is a guy Marius Josipovic, who earns his living by criminal activities. He is a notorious fraudster and made a lot of various frauds, for which, in the end, sent to three years in jail.

When there are only a few days left until release, Marius calls up his brother. It is he who informs him that behind the prison gate of the relative there are great problems with the mafia, whom he once tricked at a really large amount of money. This news discourages our hero, and at first he absolutely can not understand how to deal with all this. After all, the bad guys, who follow him, will not joke and there will be no second chance to save…

But at some point, Marius suddenly remembers his cellmate Pete, who has been sitting for more than twenty years. The prison comrade repeatedly told him about his grandparents with whom he grew up. After a bit of brainwashing, the former prisoner decides to impersonate Pete himself, in the hope that family members have not seen his grandson for many years, and therefore, most likely, do not even have any idea how he looks now. But he could not even imagine what this adventure will turn into for him, which will continue in the series Sneaky Pete Season 2.

We are waiting for the premiere of the second season, but for now you can see the release dates of other serials that are already known and published on our website.

Sneaky Pete Season 2 Release Date

Title Release Date
Sneaky Pete Season 2 mid-January 2018

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