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Sleepy Hollow Season 5

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Sleepy Hollow Season 5A dramatic-fantastic series “Sleepy Hollow” from the studios Sketch Films and 20th Century Fox Television, by the directors Phillip Iscove, Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci delighted their fans with four wonderful seasons.

In March, we saw the last episodes of the fourth season of 13 episodes. And of course the fans had questions to the FOX channel, directors and authors:

  • Will the series Sleepy Hollow be renewed for the fifth season?
  • When to wait for the release date for Sleepy Hollow Season 5?
  • Will there new actors be?
  • Will the resurrection of the character Abbie Mills be?

Unfortunately, we have to announce that officially FOX has canceled the shooting of Sleepy Hollow Season 5. Therefore, at the moment these questions are not relevant.

Officially from FOX. Sleepy Hollow Season 5 is cancelled.

What was the reason for canceling Sleepy Hollow Season 5?

The answer to this question is very easy to find if you look at the statistics of the series views. The first season got plenty of fans, good reviews of film critics and the growth of popularity and so on until the third season. The third season was a kind of a push back and all this because of the scenario in which we saw the death of the main character Abbie Mills. Many fans of the series were waiting for the fourth season, which will bring joy to their hearts in the form of the resurrection of the character Abbie Mills. But it did not happen.

It was the fourth season that seriously worsened the ratings of the series; the fan base could not be returned to the series after the death of the main character. Yes, this is a script error, after which, it so happened that the popularity of the series decreased. This factor left us no hope to see Sleepy Hollow Season 5. The FOX television channel made a firm decision to cancel the fifth season.

Yes, this is very bad news for all fans of Sleepy Hollow. We will be together with you to make up the plot, which would be an acceptable and logical conclusion of the series…


Sleepy Hollow

The spectacular mystical television series “Sleepy Hollow” is based on the story of the famous American writer Washington Irving “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow”, whose action has been brought to our time.

During the War of Independence, the protagonist Ichabod Crane fought in the ranks of the army led by General George Washington. Once he has a task to kill one person, and he does the assigned task, he cut a head of this person, however, during the fight gets a mortal wound.

And now, 250 years later, thanks to the intervention of supernatural forces, Ichabod rises from the dead in a small town called Sleepy Hollow in New York State. However, he soon knows what happened to him, the same rider who Ichabod Crane had cut off before his own death came back to life. Headless Horseman begins to kill the local citizens, and it turns out that Ichabod is the only one who can stop him…

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