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Six Season 2

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Six Season 2 - historical military dramaThe American historical military drama “Six” from the studios A + E and The Weinstein Company, as well as the creators of the project of the brothers William and David Broyles, the story tells about the heroic sixth detachment of U.S. Navy SEALs.

This military mini-series is a novelty in 2017 in its genre and consists of only eight episodes. But each episode is an incredible story about US Navy SEALs, who every day risk their lives performing the most difficult tasks in different parts of the globe.

The first season of the series intrigued and everybody liked. He managed to gather a base of fans, gaining good ratings and reviews. Yes, the “Six” series is definitely something new in the military-historical genre.

And now we want to please all the fans of the series, the channel History officially announced that it has extended the “Six” for Season 2 (shooting will begin this summer).

The exact release date of Six Season 2 is already known, it is planned that the premiere will be in January 2018.

The directors of the series confirmed that the second season would be longer than the first. Now it is known that the episodes will be at least 10. However, the plot remains a secret.


sixth detachment of SEALsThe plot of the spectacular series is about the soldiers of the Sixth Marine Seal unit SEALs, the most elite Special Forces unit in the world, U.S. Navy’s primary special operations force.

It all began in Afghanistan, where a group of SEALs, led by Richard Rip Taggart, a battle-scared veteran Richard ‘Rip’ Taggart, performed a mission to eliminate a dangerous terrorist. Long years of service and a lot of combat missions in the hottest spots on the planet, during which he had to risk his life many times, left an indelible mark on Rip’s mind, but nevertheless he was a real father-commander and unconditional leader for every soldier in the detachment. Despite the elimination of many militants, the task was not fulfilled: the leader of the Taliban managed to leave again. The shocking atrocities of the terrorists, as well as the failure of the mission, were the reason that Rip could not cope with the surging emotions and showed excessive cruelty, as a result of which he soon left the detachment.

Two years later, elite unit soldiers suddenly find out that their former commander, who became an ordinary mercenary, was captured by African extremists. They attacked a girls’ school in Nigeria and captured the student along with the teacher. Without thinking for a long time, the SEALs get permission from senior management and immediately go to Nigeria to rescue a comrade-in-arms.

Six Season 2 Release Date

Title Release Date
Six Season 2 January 2018

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