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Silicon Valley Season 5

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Silicon Valley Season 5 Release DateWill Silicon Valley Season 5 appear on the screens? The comedy series Silicon Valley is renewed or cancelled for Season 5? Do you know the release date of Silicon Valley Season 5? We already have an answer to all these questions.

Today is definitely a good evening for all the fans of the series Silicon Valley and our site! We have good news for you! Didn’t expect this from us?

So what’s the news? Okay, we will not make you wait.

HBO has officially announced that the comedy series Silicon Valley will be extended for Season 5! Cool, isn’t it?

The company Pied Piper is again together and its creators will work on new projects, work with new investors, create start-ups and glorify their name to the whole world. There will be difficult, but a very comical relationship of the main characters.

Official sources report that the release date for Silicon Valley Season 5 is scheduled for April 2018.

Let’s remember what we had in the fourth season of the comedy series and think what can we expect in the fifth season?


Silicon Valley Season 5 CastIn the center of the plot of the fourth season will be the same team of young people, programmers from God who are deeped in the study of high technologies. These guys are not just geeks who don’t see white light, but only do that they spend time at the computer, but real geniuses, professionals in their field. However, they have a lot of humor, comical and funny situations. That’s why, watching the show becomes more exciting. Only to look at our heroes, their facial expressions and gestures, is already becoming ridiculous, but nevertheless, rather serious investors of the flint valley are betting them.

For example, now our guys are working for one wealthy person. A millionaire needs just one thing – that young people create successful start-ups, come up with ideas that no one has even heard of before. In return for the developed projects, the millionaire will get a certain profit – this transaction is beneficial to both parties. What will come of this, we will know this deeping into the storyline of the series.

And now we are looking forward to Silicon Valley Season 5, to see our funny programmers who are owners of Pied Piper again.

Silicon Valley Season 5 Release Date

Title Release Date
Silicon Valley Season 5 April 2018

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