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Silicon Valley Season 4

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Silicon Valley Season 4

Silicon Valley Season 4, it’s already known the release date of the popular comedy TV series about the famous business valley in the state of California and the team of programmers who are working on the creation of their company.

The audience has already liked the series in 2014 and this serial conquered very quickly a huge number of fans and got wonderful reviews from critics. Season after season, the plot of the series was a real masterpiece of the comedy genre.

Smart, but very funny guys programmers are trying to create their company called Pied Piper, which should become a giant of the media business in the future. The plot promises to be very interesting. Nevertheless, the main question: “Will there be a fourth season?” We hasten to answer you “YES! It will be!”

The HBO channel released a trailer in which it is officially announced the release date for the Silicon Valley Season 4. The premiere will be on April 23, 2017.

Based on the trailer released by HBO, it seems that Richard Hendricks, CEO of Pied Piper, is leaving the startup because he has a new “cool” idea, but it seems that the idea does not develop very well, sometimes even very funny. Richard Hendricks shows his new idea to his associates and calls for building a “new Internet”. What comes out of this – you can only guess. We are waiting for the fourth season of Silicon Valley to know about everything.


The comedy series “Silicon Valley”, created by order of the TV channel HBO, tells how business is conducted in the world known Silicon Valley in the state of California.

The main hero of the series Richard Hendricks, who is a very talented programmer and works in one of the largest Internet companies, is working on creating his own music site. He manages to create a technology of compression of music without losses, which has no competitors. Hendricks gets several attractive offers from millionaires from Silicon Valley at once: one of them offers to buy the rights of product for $ 10 million, and the second to invest 200 thousand in the development of the site. Richard chooses the second proposal, and thus he becomes the head of a promising start-up Pied Piper, he will work with several other programmers over it. That is just one problem – guys are good programmers, but they do not understand anything in business…

Silicon Valley Season 4 release date

Title Release Date
Silicon Valley Season 4 April 23, 2017

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