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Shirobako Season 2

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Shirobako Season 2

Popular anime series Shirobako from the studio P.A. Works and director Tsutomu Mizushima released on TV screens in 2014 became a real masterpiece in its genre. The plot of the series is 24 fascinating episodes that show us the way from the childhood dream to it’s coming true. We got acquainted with the main characters and best friends: Aoi Miyamori, Ema Yasuhara, Shizuka Sakaki, Misa Todo, and Midori Imai. All of them are working on creating their anime series. Together with them we lived a long period of time, which was full of both difficulties and experiences, and positive.

The first season of Shirobako left only positive emotions, moreover, it became a real motivator for many fans of anime. As a result, the series got high ratings and many positive reviews. And at the top of the cake: Shirobako won the Animation of the Kobe Television Award in 2015, he also won the Tokyo Anime Awards in 2016. Aren’t all these awards and high ratings a reason for Shirobako Season 2?

Now the fans of the anime series, in addition to pleasant memories, also have questions for the studio P.A. Works: Will there Shirobako Season 2 be? When will Shirobako Season 2 Episode 1 be?

We tried to find something for you on this topic. And we have some intriguing moments for you!

In 2015, the anime series director Tsutomu Mizushima said in an interview that Shirobako will not be continued in the next two years, as there are other projects in the schedule. However, Tsutomu Mizushima emphasized that there is enough material for the second season.

Dear Tsutomu Mizushima, its the end of 2017, your calendar has probably been unloaded a little and you can start working on Shirobako Season 2?! Millions of fans around the world are waiting for this pleasant news!

Not so long ago the studio P.A. Works closed the official site of the series ( for the reconstruction announcing that the site will soon return with the announcement of something important in the near future.

Shirobako official website

Let’s together believe that the official website will tell soon that the anime series Shirobako has been extended for the second season. Follow the news on this page.


Shirobako, Aoi Miyamori and Ema YasuharaEveryone knows how Japanese schools are rich in the choice of clubs. They help almost in the most important for the student – to decide on future activities. Often it happens, for students the activity in the club becomes more important than studying. They are immersed in it with a head and after school they are developing in this direction. So it happened with the girls of the Kaminoyama High School animators. Sworn on donuts, they promised themselves and each other that they will devote their life to the anime, meet in the future in Tokyo, and they will work in one of the most popular anime companies and release their products.

As you already know, this series is about creating an anime. The plot tells us about the life of the animated series called “Exodus!” from the beginning of the first episode on TV, to the last series. The main characters are Aoi Miyamori and Ema Yasuhara, are some of those who work on this series. They were one of the activists of the animators club in Kaminoyama High School. You can say they kept their promise and their dream came true. Now the girls are working in Tokyo in a popular company called Musashino Animation and enjoying the whole working process. But as in any work, there are often difficulties. Aoi and Ema face to them in the process of creating the anime series “Exodus!”, which in the future may become a cult. On the other hand … who said that the road to a dream will be easy?

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