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Sex Education Season 2 by Netflix release date, promo, trailer and images

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Sex Education Season 2 Release Date

Netflix Teleservice continues to delight us with great shows. This time we had the opportunity to feel the interesting storyline of the teenage series “Sex Education”. The world saw this show on January 11, 2019, Laurie Nunn worked on the script, the project was directed by Kate Herron and Ben Taylor. The main roles in the series were played by such stars as Gillian Anderson (as Jean Milburn), Asa Butterfield (as Otis Milburn), Emma Mackey (as Maeve Wiley) and Ncuti Gatwa (as Eric Effoing).

No, no, it didn’t seem to you the famous Gillian Anderson (Dana Scully in the mystical series “The X Files”) played a major role in the “Sex Education”. As a result, we received an interesting series, with elements of drama and comedy, which very accurately shows all the problems of adolescence. Not surprisingly, this show has found its viewer. Therefore, today everyone is interested in the question …

Will there be Sex Education Season 2?

In a recent press release, Laurie Nunn, the creator of the series, said:

“This is a modern British love letter to an American school television show that many of us have grown up with.
The series uses familiar genre motifs, but takes them to a new, modern life, telling a nostalgic story of growing up from an unexpected point of view.
The show is intended for teens, but we all once were 16 years old. No matter what life stage you are in, we hope that you will remember the painful awkwardness of the first kisses, conflicts, difficult moments and love!”

Also, it was hinted that the series certainly has a lot of potential to continue the story.

And of course the ratings. They are pretty high. Viewers are interested in such a storyline and want more. This is a great recipe for the second season.

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Sex Education Season 2[Spoiler Alert]: If you have not had the opportunity to watch the first season of Sex Education – be sure to do it! The show is just super; you will like it!

We are waiting for an acquaintance with an ordinary guy of adolescence, whose name is Otis Milburn. Of course, like all of his age, the guy stares at the girls, but no more. Otis is a very shy guy who does not know how to behave with girls, despite the fact that he is the son of a sexologist. Despite the fact that most of the peers of the main character have long lost their virginity, but Otis is still a virgin.

It would seem that with a mom like Otis’s, he should know about this much more than other guys, as there is plenty of literature about this at home, but in reality everything is completely different. But Otis still intends to change the situation, but with the support of his classmate Maeve Wiley, a rather bold and smart girl. Together, the guys are going to create a clandestine sex clinic, which will deal with the same awkward problems of their years, and this should help Otis to become popular.

Sex Education Season 2 Release Date

Netflix has not announced the exact release date of the second season yet. And this is not surprising, because Netflix loves to keep quiet. But it is not difficult to make a prediction that we will be able to see Sex Education Season 2 no earlier than January 2020.
Title Release Date
Sex Education Season 2 January 2020

The main actors of the series Sex Education

Sex Education Season 2 CastJean Milburn is a sexologist who has dedicated a lot of years to her work. Mother of awkward and shy Otis. The heroine is played by Gillian Anderson (“The X Files”, “The Fall”, “The Spy Who Dumped Me”, “American Gods”).

Otis Milburn is a high school student. Shy and extremely indecisive guy, and also, in addition to everything, a virgin. The role is assigned to Asa Butterfield (“Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children”, “Ender’s Game”, “The Boy in the Striped Pajamas”, “The Space Between Us”).

Maeve Wiley is Otis’s classmate, the classic “bad girl” who is smart. Becomes the friend and partner of Otis. Emma Mackey (“Badger Lane”) plays the heroine.

Images / Posters

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Sex Education Season 2 Trailer / Promo

Are you waiting for Season 2?

Discussion: 7 comments
  1. Your Pablo says:

    Great, I really like it! Netflix Sex Education awesome show!

  2. Mario Kenon says:

    Netflix Sex Education is an excellent show with some interesting, genuinely funny and honest storyline! Diverse and beautiful cast, and stories everyone can related to. Episodes are just magnificent, especially by Asa Butterfield and Gillian Anderson. First episode and I’m hooked. And today i need more. What about 2nd season? I will be waiting.

  3. Mira DarkLover says:

    Hi to all fans of Sex Education! When I first started watching this show I didn’t expect much… but when i was going deeper into the show however, I laughed, I cried, I worried, I inspired and I loved every minute of it!! Best one for me! Crossed my fingers for 2nd season!

  4. Dillara Katomoglu says:

    Great storyline, great filming and great cast! I loved all the episodes of season 1. Can’t wait for the next season…

  5. Katrin says:

    So, sure, great series and all, but regarding this article in particular: why is Ncuti Gatwa not in bold or considered a main character? Pretty sure the audience learns way more about his character and character arc than we do about the mum, a.k.a. Gillian Anderson… To the author: why would you leave him out?

  6. Karmen says:

    I LOVE this show! The best friend who is gay is an AMAZING character with such style. He is totally fabulous and bad ass!

  7. Augusta says:

    It’s possible that Netflix will aim to release Season 2 around the same time as Season 1, which would mean a January 2020 release date. It’s unlikely that we’ll see new episodes sooner than that.


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