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Sense8 Season 3

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Sense8 Season 3The mystical, dramatic series “Sense8” from the studios Anarchos Productions, Georgeville Television and Javelin Productions, by the creators of the project Michael Straczynski, Lana Wachowski and Lilly Wachowski has two full seasons. Showing the first series began in late 2015.

The second season finished just the other day, leaving us with positive emotions from watching it. What to say, “Sense8”, is an exciting series in the genre of drama / fantasy, where there are incredible events and each viewer’s TV stuck to the screens watching it.

But what’s next? The second season is over. Will Sense8 Season 3 be? What is the release date of Sense8 Season 3? And in general, what is known about the future of the series? Many questions, but we will find answers to them.

Updated! From official sources, we knew that Sense8 Season 3 is cancelled!

It is said by good ratings of the series, good reviews of film critics, viewers, as well as high ratings on film sites. And this is a great reason for the third season. Moreover, the story is not over yet, there are still many ways, which the plot can go along…


Sense8Unrelated people at first glance, living in different parts of the world, begin to see quite strange and even frightening visions. These strangers begin to see each other, while being in different cities. They don’t understand absolutely how it happens, and at first they think that it is just a hallucination or some kind of insanity, but the more time passes, the more they are convinced that they haven’t got mad, and there are some explanations for this. An unknown force unites a group of people. All the characters are connected together by an invisible thread that creates for them their own little world where they can communicate peacefully.

One day a man Jonas appears who helps the main characters not only learn to use the new gift, but also to unite to survive. Step by step, the characters begin to make contact with each other, they manage to take control of their suddenly opened abilities. They will try to understand what is happening, and why they were drawn into all this. Over time, they understand that their abilities can be a threat to themselves, because there is a certain group of people who begin a real hunt for them. These unknown hunters for Sense8 believe that this group of mentally connected people can harm this world. A real hunting begins…

Will the heroes be able to find out how they are all connected, and who are trying so hard to catch them?

Sense8 Characters

Sense8 season 3 Characters

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Sense8 Season 3 Cancelled

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