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Seiren Season 2

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Seiren Season 2The last twelfth series of the fascinating anime series “Seiren” created by the studios AXsiZ and Studio Gokumi, the director Tomoki Kobayashi finished on March 24, 2017. Also, the creator of this anime is the famous Japanese artist Kisai Takayama who had his hand in such games as Amagami and KimiKiss.

The series itself consists of several storylines. Each of them is a separate story of Shoichi and the girls Hikari Tsuneki, Tooru Miyamae, Kyouko Touno.

Many fans of the genre liked anime series. A unique plot, quality graphics and characters are the main component of the success of “Seiren”. The creators are not going to stop on this.

We knew the release date of Seiren Season 2, approximately the new series will be in the period January-April 2018.

Stay with us to know the exact release date for the Seiren Season 2 series!


High school is the time to grow up and learn life. Parents and teachers are ready to help high school students in this difficult matter. For example, help with career choices. That is why in the summer, in the second year of high school, our main character Shoichi Kamita went to school to talk with the class teacher about his prospects. It must be said that Shoichi during his growing up remained stagnant: on the one hand, it is good to become independent, but on the other hand, a new burden of responsibility was ahead.

Fortunately, thinking about career and choosing a profession is not the only way to grow up, and soon Shoichi will be convinced of this. This summer he will meet three adorable high school students: Hikari Tsuneki, Tooru Miyamae, Kyouko Touno, each of them has a unique character, views of the world and plans. Perhaps meeting with new people and love will help Shoichi to take a fresh look at himself and understand which fate to choose. And if not, it’s not a problem: romance and first love are also an important school of life, which everyone must go through.

Seiren Season 2 Release Date

Title Release Date
Seiren Season 2 January-April 2018

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