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Scream Queens Season 3

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Scream Queens Season 3Comedy horror-series “Scream Queens” from the studios Prospect Films, Ryan Murphy Productions, Twentieth Century Fox Television, created by American screenwriters Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk, who are known to the audience on such a popular project as “American Horror Story”.

As for the news about the extension of the “Scream Queens” series for the third season, we have some information. After visiting a lot of popular online publications devoted to movies and TV shows, we noted that the exact information if Scream Queens Season 3 will be or not. At the moment, the FOX television channel has put the status of the TBD series – which means the decision to extend the discussion.

Looking through several more popular portals about the statistics of movies and TV shows, we found a rather high rating for the series. The base of fans is also great, and the reviews of film critics are warm and positive.

Updated! Bad news… Officially from FOX, Scream Queens Season 3 is cancelled.

As soon as we get reliable information about Scream Queens Season 3 we will immediately publish it here. Stay with so you do not miss the news about the show.


Emma RobertsThe action of the first season is in the campus. As in most other similar places, here are their brotherhoods and communities. These include the women’s club Kappa, which has existed for many years at the University of Wallace. The community is quite notorious, and it’s not surprising, because all who want to become a member, have to undergo severe tests.

The main character of the series wants to enter the college and get into an unusual female community. The girl does not even suspect that each member of that community has its secrets.
Once these girls became participants in mystical events and after that turned into witches. Those who know or simply guess about the extraordinary abilities of girls, try not to contact them and avoid them.

The main thing in this team is a callous person who constantly mocks the people around her. The dean of the faculty tries to get rid of the witches, but they are ready to fight even with him. They just do not intend to give up.

The heroine of the film could to get into the ranks of female students, because in the new academic year a law was issued to take all the students to school who want. She really wants to learn the skill of witches and tries her best to learn the secret of study.

Scream Queens Season 3 Release Date

Title Release Date
Scream Queens Season 3 TBD (may be the end of September 2017)

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