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Santa Clarita Diet Season 3 release date, latest news, trailer and images

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Santa Clarita Diet Season 3 release date

“Santa Clarita Diet” is an eccentric, comedy series with elements of horror from the director Victor Fresco has been pleasing the audience by two seasons with its incredible storyline. This project introduced us such characters as: Drew Barrymore (as Sheila Hammond), Timothy Olyphant (as Joel Hammond), Liv Hewson (as Abby Hammond) and Skyler Gisondo (as Eric Bemis).

It would seem that the zombies are not so popular, but history shows that at the end of popular trends, the most interesting things are often born. Already there is no need to rash anything, trying to jump into the outgoing car, you can slightly slow down and analyze other people’s successes and failures in the zombie world so that to come up with something unique and unexpected. “Santa Clarita Diet” turned out to be so unique and unexpected that, frankly speaking, ten episodes of the first season were not even enough to fully deep into the show and accept the rules of its game.

“Santa Clarita Diet” perfectly entertains – and if the ten episodes of the first season are not enough for you to tune in to the wave of authors, then the second season will surely complete what has been started. Because “Santa Clarita Diet” is an unusual, energetic, cynical show, most of the time it makes the viewer to laugh.

And, we must say, the authors hit the bull’s-eye with casting – as a talented comedian, equally virtuosic in both verbal and more physical humor, Timothy Olyphant reveals himself, Liv Hewson and Skyler Gisondo, who plays Hammond’s daughter and a neighbour-nerd who fell in love with her, struggling to keep up Drew Barrymore.

But what will happen next? What is the latest news? Is the release date of Santa Clarita Diet Season 3 already known?

All fans who are worried about the fate of the series can quietly exhale! Officially confirmed, Santa Clarita Diet will receive a Season 3. The release date of the third season is scheduled for the twenties of March 2019.


Santa Clarita Diet Season 3 storyline
The action of this eccentric, incredibly funny comedy with elements of horror takes place in California, in a small, cozy town called Santa-Clarita. In the center of the mysterious events is a happy young family. Joel and Sheila are wonderful spouses who live in harmony and work together in the same company. They get on well with everybody, they have a lot of friends, and most importantly their beautiful and smart daughter Abby.

But for some time Sheila Hammond is not herself, but this is fully explained by the fact that a few weeks ago she turned into a zombie. Her husband Joel is shocked by the fact that now Sheila cannot look at “ordinary” food, but there is nothing to do – husband and wife are the one Satan, and now Joel helps his wife to kill and recycle “bad people.” Fortunately, all the scoundrels around are enough to prevent Sheila from starving, but the first killings were very reckless, and the bloody trail left is about to indicate to the strict deputy to the sheriff for smiling and seemingly innocuous Hammonds.

Santa Clarita Diet Season 3 Release Date

Title Release Date
Santa Clarita Diet Season 3 The twenties of March 2019

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Santa Clarita Diet Season 3 Trailer

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