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Salvation Season 2

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Salvation Season 2

July 12, 2017 is a premiere date of a new fantastic series called “Salvation” from CBS Television Studios and the creators of the project Elizabeth Kruger, Craig Shapiro and Matt JL Wheeler.

At the moment, the first season of the series consisting of 13 episodes is over. We have seen an interesting story that tells about the imminent death of the Earth and about how the Pentagon’s employees are trying to do everything possible to avoid the end of the world. Of course, there were a lot of films and series on this subject, and, moreover, the theme of the apocalypse is increasingly used in new films, but this series stands out in others. A good story is backed up by an excellent cast of actors. During the viewing, there is a feeling that you are in the very epicenter of events together with the main characters and are really worried about the fate of mankind.

The series has gained a huge fan base, which now follows the news of the project. Each of them would like to know if CBS would extend the Salvation series on Season 2.

Today there is no official information about the fate of the series. CBS Television Studios remains intriguing silence about the decision to extend the series for the second season. Even the main actors of the series do not yet have any information about Salvation Season 2.

Salvation Season 2 Jennifer Finnigan

If CBS Television Studios decides to extend Salvation to Season 2, the release date for the new episodes will be in July 2018.

If you want to know our opinion about the opportunity to see the second season, then you don’t really like it. We suppose that because of not very high ratings, the authors of the project will not be able to extend the series. However, perhaps another scenario, in the second season they will try to fix this situation. So the chances of Salvation Season 2 are estimated as 50% by 50%.


SalvationMIT graduate student Liam Cole, observing the space objects, concludes that the Earth faces a collision with a giant asteroid. After checking his calculations again, the young man reports an alarming discovery to the professor, who disappears without a trace the next day.

Soon it turns out that the government and the presidential administration know about the threat, but in order to avoid panic, keep information secret, doing nothing to save the population. Liam and wealthy entrepreneur Darius Tanz begin to work on an incredibly dangerous problem.

Single mother Grace Barrows works as a speaker in the Pentagon, torn between work and parenting. The woman loses ground when she finds out that in half a year an alien body is crashing into the Earth. This time, with a high degree of probability, our planet will not be able to avoid a collision, and all of humanity will perish. Grace understands that now the main thing for her is to save her children from disturbing news and keep a secret of what she knows about the threat.

Salvation Season 2 Release Date

Title Release Date
Salvation Season 2 July 2018 (unofficialy)

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