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Rosewood Season 3

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Rosewood Season 3As you know, the criminal drama “Rosewood” from the studios of Temple Hill Entertainment, Nickels Productions, 20th Century Fox Television and by the author of the project Todd Harthan has already 2 full seasons. During this time, we managed to know such interesting and unordinary characters as Beaumont Rosewood, Annalise Villa, Pippy Rosewood, Tara Milly Izikoff, Ira Hornstock and others…

The first two seasons of the series “Rosewood” were able to gain enough popularity and get their own fan base. However, the series did not get positive reviews from film critics and was marked by low ratings on popular film portals. Most likely, that’s why the FOX channel decided to cancel the shooting of Rosewood Season 3.

Yes, unfortunately, we have to tell that Rosewood Season 3 is cancelled by FOX.

Now this is the latest news about the series. Perhaps in time FOX decides to resume the series, if the authors will have grandiose ideas about the script.

This is bad news for fans, but do not worry, this week FOX announced the extension of other interesting series:

The Exorcist Season 2

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 5

Legion Season 2


Dr.RosewoodThe criminal, dramatic television series Rosewood is about the pathologist, Dr. Beaumont Rosewood, who lives in Miami. He owns his own laboratory, and is a real professional in his field. When during the investigation of another murder the police together with the criminalistics department come to a deadlock, Dr. Roosewood takes over the case. Thanks to outstanding skills and ultra-modern equipment, the hero can not only exactly determine the cause of death in a very short period of time, but also is able to describe in detail the circumstances under which this or that murder occurred.

An experienced pathologist quite actively cooperates with the police department, and always managed to find clues that his colleagues missed. Throughout the state, the mind and professionalism of Dr.Rosewood are appreciated, and it is not surprising, as it has more than once helped to solve very difficult and confusing cases.

Once he starts dealing with detective Annalise Villa, and despite the fact that they are very difficult and different people, they are quite a good team…

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Rosewood Season 3 cancelled

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Discussion: 5 comments
  1. Rosemary Shana says:

    Rosewood season 2 wasnt that exciting, yes the actors were all energetic but the storyline not so much.

  2. tasja says:

    I would really like too see what happen to rosie and annelize villa…

    please post season 3

  3. Virgilio says:

    It’s a very sin to cancel this series. But the most error it’s been the ping pong in the relation between rosie an Annalise. I hope that the Fox managing make a second chance for this story.

  4. Eric says:

    Absolutely love the show. Major bum that they cancelled it…really liked it…watched it every single week….

  5. Yvonne Brodzinski says:

    Love this show!
    Love love the characters!
    Screw the film critics!
    Bring Rosie & Analiese BACK!!!


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