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Ray Donovan Season 6

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Ray Donovan Season 6

Before us is the popular dramatic thriller “Ray Donovan” from the studio The Mark Gordon Company and the television channel Showtime Networks. The creator of the project is Ann Biderman, directed by John Dahl, Michael Uppendahl and Tucker Gates. Starring: Liev Schreiber (as Ray Donovan), Paula Malcomson (as Abby Donovan), Eddie Marsan (as Terry Donovan), Dash Mihok (as Bunchy Donovan) and Katherine Moennig (as Lena).

On August 6, 2017, the fifth season of our favorite thriller started. We again saw Ray and his family, several new characters and new problems that our hero had to face to. As a result, the fifth season met expectations and gave all fans new emotions, interest and experiences.

Just imagine, five seasons, the plot is lasting from 2013 … maybe this season will finish the story of Ray Donovan? – No no no! This is the answer of all the fans of the series. Showtime Networks definitely need to renew Ray Donovan on Season 6! This is facilitated by:

  • Excellent ratings of the series. On all movie sites the ratings of the series start from 8 points out of 10.
  • The series received Critics’ Choice TV Award (2013), Primetime Emmy (2016), Golden Globe (2014), and 36 times nominated for other awards.
  • The plot is not finished. The material for the continuation of history is still a lot.
If the Showtime Networks television channel decides to resume its project, the expected release date for Ray Donovan Season 6 will be July 2018.

Ray Donovan is the flagship in its genre and we definitely need to see the continuation of the story … We hope the authors of the project have many more ideas to please all the fans of the dramatic thriller.


Liev Schreiber (as Ray Donovan)The action of the American drama television series “Ray Donovan” takes place in Los Angeles, where a large number of rich and famous people live. They have a lot of different kinds of problems, settled by the main hero – Ray Donovan. He is very intelligent, smart, has an excellent reaction, and in his forty-five years has an excellent physical shape. Anyone who appeals to Ray for help, be it a famous sportsman, a show business star or just a rich man, can be one hundred percent sure that his problem will certainly be solved in the shortest possible time, and most importantly qualitatively. Therefore, the hero has more than enough clients, and his business is booming. That’s just like any other person Ray also is not immune from problems, and when those suddenly appear. It’s his father who has just left the prison, coping with them turns out not easy task…

What happened between the two men before the arrest of the eldest of them is unknown, but the guy anxiously awaits the return of the dad. The hero tries not to contact with anyone and not to tell anyone about his problems. He prefers all free hours to devote to the accomplishment of assignments of employers, and the more difficult and delicate the business, the more willing he takes to work because it forces all moral and physical forces to strain, helping to distract from his sad thoughts.

Ray Donovan Season 6 Release Date

Title Release Date
Ray Donovan Season 6 July 2018 (unofficialy)

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  1. GiGi K says:

    I am addicted to Ray Donavan – fabulous writing – outstanding action – I can’t wait for Season 6


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