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Puss in Boots Part 2

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Puss in Boots Part 2

The cartoon “Puss in Boots” was released in 2011, it brought the movie company DreamWorks Animation more than half a billion dollars. Although the budget of picture was 130 million dollars. In general, the creators of the cartoon earned enough. The audience has known the main character, since he was one of the characters of the famous Shrek franchise Shrek.

After the successful cartoon, many fans began to ask questions:

When will the cartoon Puss in Boots 2 come out?

Will the continuation of the cartoon Puss in Boots be?

Will the creators of the cartoon Puss in Boots rejoice their fans?

Everyone was waiting for the producers to speak about the second part of “The Puss in Boots.” It is obviously that, most likely, the world can see the continuation.

Antonio Banderas first said that the film company was thinking about creating the second part of the cartoon. In addition, he said that he would take part with pleasure in the creation of the cartoon. Banderas voiced Puss in all Shrek series, and also in the first part of “Puss in Boots”.

The official release date of the cartoon Puss in Boots Part 2 is already known, the premiere will be on November 2, 2018. Looking forward to!

The producers do not tell the plot of the second part. The only thing is known that this time the Puss will go to exotic places, where exciting adventures are waiting for him.


The main events are in a small town. It is called San Lorenzo. A magical and amazing city is in a completely different world, which exists in parallel with our world. Different events begin to happen in this quiet and calm town. After all, the balance of the town is completely broken. Crime starts to increase there. Moreover, the criminals intend completely to capture the city.

Puss in Boots, the main hero of the adventure series, intends to better this situation. He comes to save the inhabitants. However, this is not as easy as it seems at first site. Will our main hero not only defeat his enemies, but also back a calm and quite life to the city?

Puss in Boots Part 2 release date

Title Release Date
Puss in Boots 2 November 2, 2018

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