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Prison School Season 2 release date 2019, latest news, trailer and posters

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Prison School Season 2

The humorous anime series Prison School by the creator of Akira Hiramoto returns to TV with new series, adventures and punishments. Can courageous boys endure all the punishments, and can there be replenishments in their ranks? Oh, and an interesting story awaits us!

Update from January 21, 2019. Unfortunately, the previous forecast (October 11, 2017) about the release date of the second season was not correct. We apologize! We analyzed many sources: American, European and Japanese, to find out the latest news about the second season. And that’s what we found out: because of a rather scandalous plot, which caused a lot of negative reviews from critics, the creators of the project had to make some adjustments to the script, that’s why, the release date was being postponed all the time. Among all the rumors, we identified two of the most possible dates for the release of Prison School Season 2July 2019 and September 2019.


Prison School

Love Prison School Characters?

In the private women’s academy named after Hachimitsu Private Women’s Academy of Hachimitsu has recently changed, it became available for boys. It happened after the change of the head of the school for unknown reasons. All the girls were shocked and of course did not approve such innovations. But there was nowhere to go. Fortunately, the formed authority of the school did not attract many boys in the new year. The fact is that the Academy of Hachimitsu is famous for its hard temper and strict rules. It is often called as Prison School.

But a few guys dared and entered. And imagine there were five of them: Kiyoshi, Gakuto, Shingo, Joe and Reiji, in the whole school, and there are 1016 girls. You might think that the guys were in a real harem, where 200 girls are for one young man, but that’s not true. The guys were very shy and even afraid to face with the girl even at a huge distance from each other. But it was at first, and when finally hormones played, the guys decided on a risky operation, code-named “Peeping”. As expected, they screwed up, student council caught them, which is responsible for respecting the moral rules of this academy, caught them. Now the vulgar will be punished by the most severe punishment.

Prison School Season 2 Release Date

Series number Release Date
1 September 2019
2 September 2019
3 September 2019
4 September 2019
5 October, 2019
6 October, 2019
7 October, 2019
8 October, 2019
9 November, 2019
10 November, 2019
11 November, 2019
12 November, 2019

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Discussion: 6 comments
  1. MUAN YEAGER says:

    man, i tried searching for the second season episodes but there’re nowhere to b found..!!!
    Will b glad if u could reply bck soon…
    But the way ..its the 27th of 2017

  2. Vishal Solanki says:

    Prison School Season 2 is Postponed I think…
    Because its not released yet!!
    See the Date of this comment… 29-12-2017

  3. Ollie says:

    Um, where did season 2 go?

  4. kash says:

    I want prison school because it been so long time

  5. Simona Grey says:

    Hi, just wanted to tell you, I enjoyed this blog post. And i really love Prison School. I will wait for season 2. I need season 2 as soon as possible.

  6. Steven says:

    most hilarious anime series ever. The English cast was SUPERB as well as the translation to English. Whoever translated it need to do it again, it doesn’t happen by accident time love and care went into that. See you in April!


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