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Poldark Season 5 release date, latest news, trailer and posters

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Poldark Season 5 release date

Good news! The historical drama “Poldark” will get Season 5. This information was officially confirmed by the authors of the project and by director Debbie Horsfield.

The first dramatic project was shown on the BBC One television channel on May 8, 2015. At first, the creators of the picture planned to release only three seasons of “Poldark”. However, the series began to gain popularity and high ratings. Therefore, it was decided to continue shooting the film. [RUMORS] Most likely, season 5 will be the last and after the final eighth episode the series will stop to release.

The director of the film is Debbie Horsfield, known for such works as “All the Small Things”, “Cutting It”, “True Dare Kiss” and many other also popular projects.

Poldark Season 5 will be released on television in the summer of next year. The release date for the season 5 of dramatic picture was scheduled for June 10, 2019.

Although recently fans of the film were not sure whether there will be a general season of “Poldark”. Like all previous issues, the new season of the historical drama will be broadcasted on the British television channel BBC One.

Interesting facts about which you might not know:

  • the plot of the drama is based on a series of books with the same name, created by Winston Graham. Winston Graham says that the main hero Ross Poldark became a fighter pilot, whom the author met on the train after the end of World War II. More details about the story of the television series read below;
  • for its time of existence, the series was 27 times nominated and 7 times awarded, among them: BAFTA Awards (2016), Celtic Media Festival (2016), Royal Television Society (for Best Make Up Design and Best Costume Design), Satellite Awards for Best Ensemble), TV Choice Awards UK (for Best New Drama) and others …


Poldark Season 5 StorylineThe plot line of the series “Poldark” is centered around a young and ambitious British soldier named Ross Poldark, who faithfully serves his homeland. The main hero manages to meet friends from influential circles of society without much difficulty. In addition, the man has a strong enough character, which helps him to find a way out of any situation. Nevertheless, the hero is very kind and sympathetic. And so, life will play a cruel joke with him. Soon, Elizabeth, who is Poldarkā€™s love leaves him, and his dad dies. It would seem that there is no way out of this situation. But the hero is given a new chance. He meets a charming girl named Demelza, Poldark madly falls in love with her.

The life of the main hero seems to be getting better. However, some moments of a past life still do not allow Poldark to sleep well. Most likely, in the new season the main hero will again face the problems that are needed to be overcome at all costs. Then, how everything will end, we will find out after the release of all episodes of the 5th season of the drama “Poldark”.

Poldark Season 5 Release Date

Title Release Date
Poldark Season 5 June 10, 2019

Images / Posters

Images Source: Youtube/BBC One

Poldark Season 5 Trailer

Discussion: 3 comments
  1. Wandadale says:

    I am a avid fan of Poldark & was devastated to hear this season 5 will be the last of Poldark. I lived for Sunday night when I watched it. If possible, please reconsider
    & allow us to continue watching a wonderful series. Thank you sincerely.

  2. jay hargrave says:

    Probably one of the absolute BEST series I have ever watched. To end it after 5 seasons is a shame as I am sure many, many thousands of people are hooked on this series. Masterpiece Theater has always been noted for their fine quality programs.

  3. Lynne Falconer says:

    agreed – wish they would continue the series!


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