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Pitch Season 2

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Pitch Season 2
The dramatic sports series “Pitch” from the studios of Barnstorm Films, Left Coast Productions and by the directors Dan Fogelman, Rick Singer pleased us with a wonderful season of ten interesting episodes on the FOX channel.

From the very beginning, we had the opportunity to deep in a fascinating story about her – the main character Ginny Baker, who since her childhood has chosen baseball as her hobby. No, she did not watch it on TV, she played it on a baseball pitch with the guys, training hard and performing complex elements of the game. She became the youngest pitcher in the history of baseball!

Of course, from the first episodes this series became one of the most interesting sports series of 2016. No wonder that in a short time it was able to get plenty of fans and got very pleasant reviews from film critics. Such fame and popularity should have given impact to Pitch Season 2. But what do we have today? Two questions:

  • Will there be Pitch Season 2?
  • When will the release date of Pitch Season 2 become known?

Unfortunately, dear fans of the series, we must tell you the bad news…

Despite the great pressure from the fans’ side to the producers of the series, the FOX television channel decided to cancel the shooting of the second season. Because the series could not get so many fans… it’s unfortunate, but we will not see the second season and will not know the further fate of Ginny Baker.

Officially from FOX. Pitch Season 2 is cancelled.

Probably, in due course, some other studio will want to pick up the TV series “Pitch” and continue this fascinating sports drama for us.


Ginny Baker from early childhood was fond of baseball, despite the fact that a strict and demanding father all the time repeated his daughter that this is a sport for real men, and because of their physiology, women can’t do it. But the incredible perseverance, dedication and desire with which the girl repeatedly went to training, forced her father. He was in the past professionally a baseball player, after a while changes radically his views and teaches the girl what she so much wanted – to throw the ball correctly and strongly.

After many years, little Ginny turned into a tough, talented and very pretty girl-pitcher who got her chance, becoming the first woman in history in professional baseball team, which was young team of “San Diego Padres”. And now our heroine needs to prove not only to skeptical guys led by Mike Lawson, who is a first-class “catcher”, as well as the star and captain of the team, but first of all to herself that even in such a difficult sport, girls can achieve exciting results. But only to do this, being under a high pressure by the sports community and the leading media, it will not be so easy.

Pitch Season 2 Release Date

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Pitch Season 2 Cancelled

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Discussion: 2 comments
  1. Lorraine says:

    I love this show! Me and the kids look forward to watching it weekly! So sad it’s been cancelled!!!

  2. Arleen says:

    Please please can another worthy network pick up this show!!! I am soooo upset … we have a group of athletic women who loved this show …support Ginny in her journey and NEED to know where how the relationship unfolds!!!! please bring it back!!!!


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