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Percy Jackson 3

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Percy Jackson 3
The first film was released in 2010 and second in 2013 got millions of fans around the world. Both films got a plenty of positive feedback, good recommendations and reviews. Furthermore, the films made a real breakthrough in the sales and box office fees. Of course, this is due to the exciting story line, great acting and great director’s work.

And it’s not a secret that when fans hear the name Logan Lerman, they immediately recall fragments of the movie about the super hero Percy Jackson. After two films, the fans are just wondering about the release date of Percy Jackson 3.

Let’s see what is happening with the continuation of the film, what is known now, the facts and what rumors are about the movie Percy Jackson 3.


  • In March 2014, at one of the film festivals it was an interview with national channels, Logan Lerman mentioned that a third of the film is possible. Quote: “If a decision is made on the third season, I will definitely take part in it; because there is a point about three parts of the adventure movie Percy Jackson in my contract.” And so, we heard from the main character of the film that it was initially planned to shoot three Parts of the film. Therefore, there is a high probability that we will hear the release date of Percy Jackson 3. But at once we want to say that at the official level there has not been any information yet. We are waiting.
  • The films made a huge box office fee. Just imagine, the first film Percy Jackson and the Olympians got almost 227 million, $. The second part of Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters got almost 200 million, $. After the main role in the film, Logan Lerman got a huge breakthrough in his career, and got a lot of interesting proposals for filming in popular films (The Three Musketeers, The Perks of Being, Wallflower and Fury), good reviews and millions of fans around the world. Maybe such statistic is a reason for the movie Percy Jackson 3?
  • In August 2016, there was one interesting news that the CW film company plans to adapt the movie Percy Jackson to the television series. As if a 10-year deal is already ready, the company gives $ 12 million only for the first season of the series. It sounds cool, but let’s find out what’s wrong. If this news is true, then it means that the series will begin from the very beginning of the story. And for this, the directors will need a younger character. In this case, someone else, not Logan Lerman, will play the main role. But now there is no official information from CW.
  • Now, the news about the release date of the third part is no more than speculation. Do you know why? Because the main hero Logan Lerman currently has a contract for the lead role in the feature-length drama by Sidney Hall and Shawn Christensen. He is also the executive producer of the film.


There was an information that if Logan Lerman said that the third part will not be. Though after a while he also refuted the rumor, saying that he was not understood well. In fact, he meant that after the release of the second season, he did not hear anything about Percy Jackson 3. Now, it is difficult to say something about the third part will be or not. Moreover, Logan added.
Quotation: “I will be happy to act the main character – Percy Jackson, even if I’m 30 years old. I really like this role.”

In addition, there are reports that Rick Riordan is the author of books, on the basis of it the films about the adventures of Percy Jackson were shot wants to complete the story in two parts. And he wants the film to be as close to the books as possible. Therefore, it seems that we will not have known the exact date of the release of the movie Percy Jackson 3.


Adventure film “Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters” is based on the novel by Rick Riordan “Sea of Monsters”, continues to talk about the incredible adventures of teenager Percy Jackson. After he knew that Olympus is not a fairy tale, and the gods actually exist, and he is the son of Poseidon, his life changed dramatically. Percy has met a lot of new friends, and now lives in a place for people like him – Half-Blood Camp. But once there is a threaten danger in home of the hero. Luke Kastellan, son of the god Hermes, poisons Thalia tree, which is the protector of the half-blood camp. When it dies completely, horrible mythical creatures starts to attack the camp, it will be difficult to cope with them. But there is a way out: to save the sacred tree you need the Golden Fleece. To get it is not an easy task, because it is located on the island of Cyclops Polyphemus, the way to which is through the Sea of Monsters, which name tells for itself. But there is no other way out, and Percy, by the support of loyal friends, goes for a long and dangerous journey.

Percy Jackson 1, 2, 3 release date

Title Release Date
Percy Jackson and the Olympians 12 February 2010
Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters 7 August 2013
Percy Jackson 3 Unknown

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