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Parasyte Season 2

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Parasyte Season 2Alternative title: Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu

The last 24 episode of the fantastic anime series Parasyte (Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu) ended on March 26, 2015, created by the studio Madhouse, directed by Shuuhei Yabuta and Kenichi Shimizu, the first series of which were released in October 2014. Parasyte is an adaptation of the manga, which was completed in 1995.

Therefore, at the moment it is difficult to answer the question “Will there be Parasyte Season 2?” There are facts and there are rumors that give us reason to think about the continuation of the series. In reality, if you look at the manga, the story of the series Parasyte is over. But the authors have many ideas for its continuation beyond the manga.

The first thing we have is a huge popularity and lots of fans, good ratings and an excellent storyline. If you think about it, these factors can become the engine for the second season.

The second thing. What did the last episodes show us? They left many questions unanswered:
How many were these parasites?
What is their real goal?
Are there other modifications of parasites?
Are there any cases of these parasites getting into any other place on earth?
Who created and manages these parasites?

As you can see, we have enough to make Parasyte Season 2 possible.

Moreover, in one episode we saw that Shinichi had a relationship with Murano. Perhaps their result will be the emergence of a new type of parasite. How do you like this turn of events?

Authors have many ideas to continue the series. Let’s follow Madhouse’s news together and tell the authors: “Hey guys, we need Parasyte Season 2”.

On the Internet, you can find several sources, where there is an information that the second season has already been planned and its release date will be in the fall of 2018. But in fact there is no official information yet and this is nothing more than rumors and fakes.


How beautiful the world would be if people did not exist. It would be a real diamond, a blossoming garden, where everything would exist in harmony with nature. But the Earth was struck by selfishness, struck lust and greed in the hearts of people and the planet began to wither. Would the destruction of mankind save it? It is unknown, but at the beginning of the anime, there are hints that the creatures that emerged from nowhere came here for this purpose.

One cool night incomprehensible objects in an unknown quantity began to fall down from the sky on the ground and on completely different places. They were the size of a tennis ball and the same round shape. Landed, worms crawled out of them. As it became clear, each of these “parasites” was looking for an organism of flesh and blood that was suitable for life. The parasite was moving into the body and grabbing the brain to subdue the host. But one parasite was not lucky, he moved into a teenager, but he could only subordinate his hand, and the brain did not touch. The teenager was called Shinichi and now his right hand lived its life, and later got the name Migi. Migi eventually became friends with him, but the rest of the parasites began to create chaos and shred other people for food. Miki could not kill Shinichi and began to protect him from his own kind. And Shinichi believed that human life is priceless and parasites that have found a body need to be destroyed.

Parasyte Season 2 Release Date

Title Release Date
Parasyte Season 2 No official information

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  1. cnr.ozgr says:

    they never explained who hirama was and they cut up the scene when tamura reiko tried to explain it to shinichi .. or they had an actuall ending…. there has to be an 2nd season there has to be!!

  2. Mr.s Fister, this clue is your next bit of info. Feel free to transceive the agency at your convenience. No further information until next transmission. This is broadcast #3718. Do not delete.


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