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Ozark Season 2

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Ozark Season 2 by Netflix

The crime drama “Ozark” from the Netflix channel and the authors of the Bill Dubuque and Mark Williams project excited Jason Bateman’s fans. It was this actor, who played the role of Martin ‘Marty’ Byrde – the main character in the series. Also starring: Laura Linney (as Wendy Byrde), Sofia Hublitz (as Charlotte Byrde) and Julia Garner (as Ruth Langmore).

A lot of fans of criminal dramas liked the plot of the series. The script of the series, the director’s work and the actors’ play are at a very high level. Thanks to this “Ozark” was able to win high ratings and excellent reviews. Of course, the fact that starring played by Jason Bateman brought not a small part of the popularity of the series.

All these factors became decisive for Netflix in deciding on the future fate of Ozark. We have good news for you, it is officially confirmed that Ozark Season 2 will be!

The release date of Ozark Season 2 is planned, it is expected that the first episode of the new season will be in July 2018.

Ozark Season 2 will continue the story of Martin Byrde and his family, who are hiding from a criminal syndicate in the small town of Ozark. Uh, the plot of the second season promises to be even more intriguing!


Jason Bateman (as Martin Byrde) - OzarkEveryone dreams of having a better life and a comfortable life. Martin ‘Marty’ Byrde, who chose the prestigious financial profession, got it and is now working as a financial advisor to a small company in Chicago, was no exception. However, his hopes and dreams that he will receive a decent salary that could satisfy his life’s needs didn’t pan out. He had to work a lot, but the money reward for the work was insignificant. Martin began to think about how to change the situation for the better.

Once Marty “was lucky” to meet with a person who needs the services of a competent, talented financier and is ready to pay good money for these services. To tell the truth, the organization to which he will work, is engaged in illegal activities, but in it he can earn in a day as much as in the previous work for a month did not earn. Therefore, Marty decides to begin working as an accountant for the drug cartel.

The new boss immediately appreciated the abilities of his new accountant, who masterfully concealed from the system illegal transactions that bring the drug cartel fantastic revenues. Marty began to receive big profits, which began to raise him quickly to a new level of life, he felt satisfied and happy.

It would seem that life was a success, but all the good things come to the end one day. Moreover, Marty’s actions led to misfortune, who was extremely greedy, insatiable. Once he assigned eight million dollars belonging to the cartel, his actions are eventually revealed and now a terrible danger threatens him and his family. Marty and his family escapes and decides to hide in a secluded quiet place, he chooses the town of Ozark, located in Missouri. Will he be able to escape retribution? We will know about this in Ozark Season 2!

Ozark Season 2 Release Date

Title Release Date
Ozark Season 2 July 2018

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