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Orange Is the New Black Season 6

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Orange Is the New Black Season 6Comedy-drama television series “Orange Is the New Black” is based on the autobiographical book of American Piper Kerman. The series shows very well everyday life in a women’s prison, and it’s not surprising, because Kerman herself spent fifteen months in one of the Connecticut prisons on charges of money laundering and drug trafficking.

The story of Piper Chapman (the main character of the series) and her prison routine has attracted viewers so much that the show has become a real hit of the season. Everyone worries about the fate of the main character, each episode – it’s difficulties, problems, barriers and even humor. And all this Piper has to go through all this.

Four seasons rushed before us like a train at high speed, having managed to leave us pleasant emotions and memories. A whole year of expectations and here it is, the fifth season will soon begin, and with it a new exciting story.

Oh well. All fans of the series have already known the release date of the fifth season. So let’s get ahead and talk about Orange Is the New Black Season 6.

As we knew, the release date for Orange Is the New Black Season 6 is already planned, the new season will be in early June 2018.

The plot and the number of episodes is unknown, as are possible changes in the cast.

We decided to inform all fans of the series and announce in advance the release date of the season. Below on the page, see the release dates of all scheduled seasons of the series.


Orange Is the New Black Season 6Piper Chapman knew that in the hometown of Connecticut there was no way to succeed, so she decided to move to New York taking a case belonging to her ex-friend Alex Vause. She knew that there was money in it, for which you can live well for years. However, as soon as the heroine of the series “Orange Is the New Black” crossed the city line, she was detained by the cops. It seemed she acts on a tip. She had that case, and now her freedom was in danger.

Piper tried to prove that it was not her money, but the police managed to find out that all the money in the case was earned on the drug trade. The judge issued a verdict on imprisonment for fifteen months. The girl was given an orange uniform and put behind bars. She understood very well that life in these places is not easy and everyone lives according to certain laws.

She was a very freedom-loving girl with a very difficult character, so she found it difficult to live with her cellmates, as they made pressure on her at once. As it turned out later, her ex-friend Alex was also put in the same prison. From this moment, the most amusing stories began, because the heroines are surrounded by many women and each has its own requirements. The warders also did not stay aloof. Can Piper adapt to new, unusual for her living conditions?

Orange Is the New Black Season 6 castBut this is the plot of previous seasons. What kind of scenario will give us Orange Is the New Black Season 6 will give us no one can know. At first it would be good to see the plot of the fifth season, perhaps, on its basis you can imagine what to expect from the sixth season.

Orange Is the New Black Season 6 Release Date

Title Release Date
Orange Is the New Black Season 6 in early June 2018

The series Orange Is the New Black. Release Dates of the seasons.

Title Release Date
Season 1 11 July 2013
Season 2 6 June 2014
Season 3 11 June 2015
Season 4 17 June 2016
Season 5 9 June 2017
Season 6 in early June 2018
Season 7 June 2019

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