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One Punch Man Season 2

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One Punch Man Season 2

The first season of the anime series One Punch Man became a real masterpiece in the genre in 2015. All 12 series have been as one and won millions of fans around the world. Fans of the series were waiting for the release of the new season, pestering the main director Natsume Shingo with the questions.

Recently a miracle happened, in one of the Japanese magazines, director of “One Punch Man” Natsume Shingo officially announced the beginning of preparations for shooting and mounting the new season. This news stirred up the anime world. Every fan of this action movie is waiting for his favorite super hero Saitama, who will continue to amaze the world with his abilities.

We still do not know whether it will be possible to watch online One Punch Man season 2 on our website, but we can definitely say that we know the release date of the second season! The first series is on November 11, 2017.

For fans of anime this autumn promises to be full of novelties! We are waiting!


What can be done with one punch? You can, for example, kick the ball, or chop a couple of droves. And imagine that with one good punch you can take out the gate of the castle, in which the princess is under the protection of the dragon, thereby saving her. Our main character is not a prince, whose task is to defeat the big dragon, although he is capable of this too. Saitama is a professional fighter, whose main credo is to save everyone, not just princesses. With his task, he does an excellent job of destroying any enemy with just one punch.

This one punch is the universal Saitama‚Äôs weapon, which causes the paradox and fear of his enemies. In addition there is a strong will to save people, Saitama also likes to fight. And when he sees a fierce and strong-looking enemy, and then he just in a second he turns him into dust with one punch, then he is under a terrible depression and the words “again all ended in one punch” fly off his lips. Life becomes as a decay, but everything is safe. Will the second season bring an anime One Punch Man Saitamas a truly worthy enemy and will it become a harbinger of the apocalypse? We’ll know soon.

One Punch Man Season 2 release date

Title Release Date
One Punch Man Season 2 November 11, 2017

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  1. Nat Lim says:

    Shouldn’t it be one “punch” instead of one kick, as is stated throughout the description? If it’s because of translation, then my bad, but I was just wondering tho~ Thanks if you take my suggestion btw


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