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NCIS: New Orleans Season 4

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NCIS: New Orleans Season 4
Criminal series NCIS: New Orleans Season 4 from studio CBS will continue the intriguing plot about the well-coordinated team of detectives who are ready to solve the most complicated crimes.

Now we have a chance to enjoy watching the last two episodes (May 9 and 16) from season 3. But of course this is not enough for real fans of the series, and they are already looking for the answers to the questions into Google: “Will there be NCIS: New Orleans Season 4?“, “The release date of NCIS: New Orleans Season 4”. And we already know the answer to these questions.

Of course the fourth season will be! The plot is developing, the story is not over. Yes, and New Orleans city is not a gift, all the time something happens and not only pleasant (isn’t it?). In fact, the series is very popular, gets huge portions of positive ratings of viewers and brings good dividends to the authors.

Today it is possible to say at 100% that the fourth season will be! The exact date of release of NCIS: New Orleans Season 4 is still unknown, but the show of new series will begin in September 2017. We are waiting.

We hope that the writers will not disappoint and the team of agent Dwayne Pride will please us with big cases again! Maybe we are waiting for new characters…


NCIS: New Orleans is a series that tells about the difficult work of the Marine Police special department. All agents of the department work clearly and smoothly. They manage to solve such cases, which, it would seem, are already hopeless, and it is unlikely to find a criminal. A team of professionals headed by the special agent Dwayne Pride tries to ensure peace and quiet in New Orleans and beyond. In general, New Orleans can not boast of an impeccable reputation. This place is ideal for recreation and for this reason, military personnel like to come here to spend their vacation here. A lot of entertainment places and amusements “for adults” make this place an unforgettable place for those who want to relax in the best way.


Each episode of the series is a criminal drama with many mysteries with unexplained circumstances for the common person, but not for NCIS agents. The team headed by Dwayne Pride is ready to begin investigating the most mysterious crime at any time of the day. Find and punish the offenders is the main task of the team of detectives. And in the NCIS: New Orleans Season 4, they will continue to solve crimes, cleansing New Orleans from criminal groups, bandits and scammers.

NCIS: New Orleans Season 4 Release Date

Title Release Date
NCIS: New Orleans Season 4 September 2017

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NCIS: New Orleans. Spinoff of the fall season.

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