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Nanbaka Season 3

Nanbaka Season 3

It became known about the beginning of filming of a new season of the popular anime series “Nanbaka Season 3” from the studio Satelight, based on the fantastic manga by the director Shinji Takamatsu.

The first two seasons are 25 fascinating series, the main characters of which are the four friends Juugo, Uno, Nico and Roсk. They are prisoners of the most severe prison in Japan called Nanba. But even there they find entertainment and various “adventures” for themselves.

Now, the exact date of the release of the anime series “Nanbaka Season 3” is still unknown, but according to the information from the Internet and social media that the new series will be at the beginning of January 2018.

There will be at least 12 series in the new season.

Do you like the anime series Nanbaka? Which of its characters do you want to see in the new series? Leave your answers in the comments.


The Nanba prison is Japan’s the most impenetrable prison, equipped with modern security systems. From the rest of the world it is protected by a huge wall. In this prison every prisoner has his own personal number. Among such prisoners, there are our main characters: Juugo, Uno, Nico and Roсk.

Juugo is a prisoner number 15, he hates oculists, an Japanese, and he is obsessed with escapes. He can escape from this impregnable prison several times a day.

Uno is a prisoner number 11, a good poker player, an Englishman, his main occupation is fraud.

Rock is a prisoner number 69, an American, loves donuts and does not miss the opportunity to wind his fists.

Nico is a prisoner number 25, an American, an anime player, believes that anime should capture the world.

They were sent to this prison because of their countless escapes from their previous places of detention. Nanba can not escape of the prison, however, Juugo is one of those who can escape absolutely from any prison. So he, with his “neighbors” escapes several times a day. But this is not the only feature of Juugo. There are huge shackles on his body, he has desperately tried for a long time to remove them, but all this was without success. Moreover, with their help, he can transform his hands into sharp blades. Once in prison Nanba meets a prisoner Musashi with a similar “strange” feature and he knows that he also became a victim of the “scarred guy” and found such a hateful “gift”.

Unexpectedly for everyone, Elf appears in the Nanba prison, who worked together with the “scarred guy.” His goal was to check Juugo and find “new bodies” for his boss’s experiments. But Juugo does not want to expose his friends to those tortures, which he had to go through one day himself. Will Juugo make his plan of revenge and save his friends?

Nanbaka Season 3 release date

Title Release Date
Nanbaka Season 3 the beginning of January 2018

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Nanbaka – Funny Anime Moment

Discussion: 5 comments
  1. Maria says:

    I love Juugo and Nico. I have noticed lack of sparkles. I really liked em. I love how the characters are bright and are unique. Thank you for this anime. Wish season 3 and hopefully four will come faster but we can only be patient.

  2. Stacie says:

    All of them. They’re all so awesome especially seitaru he is so ukenique see what I did there.

  3. Bennedickperpetua says:

    I want 3 season of Nanbaka they are not finish fighting

  4. Yaoi says:

    I do really LOVE Nanbaka ^.^ especially Juugo and his veery great abillities with the swords *____* If I could,
    I would give them a HUUGE GOLDEN GLOBE for best Anime and the great charackters in the World ^^

  5. Dizzy Noodleton says:

    Can’t wait for season 3, it better come out soon D:<


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