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My Hero Academia Season 2

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My Hero Academia Season 2

The first season of the anime series was released on April 3, 2016. It consisted of 13 cool series. They were really so cool that they were compared to Naruto. Even the famous Alex Osborn from IGN commented the first thirteen episodes: “The first season of My Hero Academia is thirteen fantastic episodes with heart tearing script around cute and memorable characters.”

This manga has an innumerable army of fans, who after the end of the first season became mad, wondering only one question: “When will the release of My Hero Academia Season 2 be?”

We hasten to glad you! Already you can officially congratulate all those who have been waiting for their favorite manga My Hero Academia Season 2. Yes, the second season is about to begin!

The official website of the series released a promotional video for the second season in December 2016. As Anime News Network confirmed, the official release date of My Hero Academia Season 2 is already known, the premiere of the second part will be on April 1, 2017.


Such bad luck as Izuku Midoriya has, you will never find! He was born in a world where almost everyone has any superhero abilities, but he was without any superpower. But diligence was rewarded at all times, because the main thing is gaining your goal, and then a miracle can happen. It happened! Noticing that Izuku has the valuable personal qualities, the great Japanese superhero omnipotent All Might gives his abilities to him. Now Izuku studies at the Hero Academy, learning the basics of this difficult affair.

The task of the heroes is to defeat the villains, and Izuku tries his best to be useful in this. In the final battle with villains Nomu and Shigaraki, Midoriya helps his idol omnipotent All Might, who lost all energy in a long battle, and trying to hold out until reinforcements arrive. As this guy has such courageous abilities, he can save the life of the exhausted hero, and he thanks Izuku from the bottom of the heart. They hoped so much, but the hostility of the villains against the heroes did not end, but on the contrary, it has just started.


Currently, according to MyAnimeList, “My Hero Academia” has a score of 8.35 out of 10 based on approx. 205,000 user votes. Popularity #94.

My Hero Academia Season 2 release date

Series number Release Date
1 April 1, 2017
2 April 8, 2017
3 April 15, 2017
4 April 22, 2017
5 April 29, 2017
6 May 6, 2017
7 May 13, 2017
8 May 20, 2017
9 May 27, 2017
10 June 3, 2017
11 June 10, 2017
12 June 17, 2017

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