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Mila Rieznik – Author of ReleaseDateHub.com

Author Mila Rieznik

Hi, I’m Mila Rieznik!

Look,you really want to know something about me? Okay,listen:)

I will try to make this story as short as possible and not so boring like a story about yourself can be.

My name is Mila. I’m 28,and my age is only the number in my passport:)

You want to ask me what I do. It’s not easy to tell. But definitely I can say that I’m keen on what I’m doing. I’m living and I’m trying myself in different spheres. Firstly, I’m teaching languages, I’m so excited when I can give something useful to other people. Secondly, I’m writing and can assist in translation on various topics. For some writing or translation is like a hardworking, for me it’s something another,especially writing. Due to writing, I can express myself, I can show all my emotions and feelings.

Now maybe you’ve thought that I’m working all the time,oh dear,of course not. My leisure time I like to spend with my friends. We can do anything we want. We can go to the cinema,we never miss any movie novelty,go to the restaurants, trying some new cuisine, making parties, travelling together. Frankly, travelling is my passion. That’s why, I’m trying myself in touristic sphere also now.

I’m a normal,emotional,easy going person,an for sure sometimes I have a bad mood.  In this case hip hop saves me. Actually, I enjoy hip hop music so much. Not only hip hop saves me, but also oil painting can excite me. Its another way to express myself.

And sometimes I have such evenings that I enjoy so much with a good serial,warm blanket and a cup of tasty cocoa. I like watching detective serials such as The Mentalist. In this serial everything is perfect:storyline,actors,and their acting,especially  Simon Baker. Sometimes, when I have a specific mood, I can rewatch one hundred time such a girlish serial Sex and the City,but I want to repeat it depends only on my mood😊 What I can say definitely that I hate stupid comedies, if it’s comedy it must be with a good sense of humour.

Okay, you see that to talk about myself it’s not problem for me, but for start thats enough, I suppose:)

Email: milarieznik[a]releasedatehub.com